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From: WhitPark -at- Subject: Re: [WHITNEY] Location Help Date: Sun, 26 Aug 2007 20:57:32 EDT Here are a few locations I can offer some help with: Blue Earth City, MN would be the town of Blue Earth located in Faribault county, MN. However there is a Blue Earth County as well. Fort Snelling is in Hennepin county, MN. It is not a city but an historic, as well as active, military post. Lake Pepin is not a town but a geographic location - the widening of the Mississippi River in southeastern MN near Red Wing, MN. Saint Anthony Park, MN is in Ramsey county Saint Anthony Falls, MN was named by Father Louis Hennepin and is the location of the founding of the Village of Saint Anthony which later became part of Minneapolis, Hennepin, MN. Winnebago City, MN is simply Winnebago, Faribault, MN Hillsborough, NH is in Hillsborough county (I just returned from visiting near there) Cheshire, VT... no such location. This could either be Cheshire county, NH or maybe CHESTER, VT Pawlet, ME... could this be Pawlet, Rutland, VT? Gratiot, MI... not a city but there is a Gratiot county, MI Sturges, MI... Sturgis, Saint Joseph, MI Roby's Corner, NH... I am uncertain if this is the correct place, but it is an interesting coincidence since there is no such location found on my geographic nameserver. In Merrimack county, NH is a Wroby Rd and my son and his family refer a particular intersection as Wroby's Corner (pronounced Roby). I asked my daughter-in-law why they call it that and she said that a friend of my granddaughter said that is what it is called... and she didn't know why. POSSIBLY this is the area that is being referred to but I only offer the idea, I have no evidence that this is the location referred to on the page. I would guess that some of the locations listed my well be a simple case of data entry error - such a Pawlet, ME rather than Pawlet, VT. I use TMG and occasionally I catch myself in an error when I hit a "repeat" key for a state, not noticing that, for whatever reason, I pulled up the wrong state and I must go in and fix the error. If not caught, it could be submitted to the website by anyone, simply due to an oversight. Everyone's work in helping to resolve this "problem location" list is great. I was on a trip and returned to see this thread. The members of WRG are ama zing in their willingness to work for the betterment of information shared by everyone. So many surname lists are totally disjointed and people only care about their own information, not the surname as a whole. Jo Hogle ************************************** Get a sneak peek of the all-new AOL at <a href=""></a>

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