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From: ALLAGREEN -at- Subject: [WHITNEY] Lancaster MA Rev. War Rosters Date: Tue, 13 Nov 2007 14:13:12 EST Dear Robert and Tim: It seemed to me that this (which I got from the Worcester County Mail list might well be suitable for placing on the WRG web site. I am sure that Janice Farnsworth would be glad to see it further made available. Allan E. Green ****************************************************************************** *********** Subject: Lancaster, Massachusetts Revolutionary War Rosters Source: History of Lancaster, Massachusetts by Rev. Abijah P. Marvin 1879 p. 290 Company of Minute-men under Capt. Benjamin Houghton The following Minute-men under Capt. Benjamin Houghton marched to Lexington and Capt. Thomas Gates' company of calvary rode to Cambridge. The roll of cavalry men follows, being a part of the regiment of Colonel John Whitcomb of Bolton. Capt. Thomas Gates Lt. Jona. P. Whitcom Sgt. Richard Townsend Sgt. William Watson Sgt. Peter Thurston Sgt. Thomas Brooks Corp. William Whitcom Corp. Moses Burpee Corp. Jonas Wyman Levi Sawyer John Hawks James Goodwin Jos. Osgood Phin. Fletcher Reuben Gary David Willard, Jr. John May, Jr. Tho. McBride Benj. Bruce Uriah Wood Shadrach Hapgood Jona. Puffer Israel Willard Gardner Moors Simeon Hemenway Jona. Willard Gab. Priest Asa Rugg Joel Phinney These men were in service from four to fourteen days. Probably all of them did not march at once; and some might have returned before the rest. The minute-men belonged to the same regiment and these are their names: Capt. Benjamin Houghton Lt. Samuel Josslyn Sgt. Nath. Sawyer Sgt. Samuel Wilder Corp. Aaron Johnson Corp. William Wilder Dr. John Wheelock Dr. Ephraim Kendall Paul Sawyer Thomas Bennet Abijah Hawks Henry Willard Jona Kendall Jona. Knowlton Stephen Wilder Titus Wilder John Dana Elijah Ball Daniel Knight John Thurston Edm. Larkin Joseph Josslyn David Horseley John Bennet Jonas Prescott Nathan Esterbrook Elisha Houghton Stanton Carter Joseph Jones Joshua Fairbanks Abijah Houghton Matthew James John Chower p.291 The British had retreated before the company reached the scene of action and they were stationed at Cambridge, under General Artemas Ward. They were out on this expedition from six to eighteen days. A third company of the same regiment was commanded by Capt. Samuel Sawyer and continued in the service from ten to nineteen days. The names of officers and men were as follows: Capt. Samuel Sawyer Lt. Manassah Sawyer Ensign Joel Houghton Corp. Ebenezer Ross Corp. Lemuel Fairbank Corp. Jabez Brooks Jonathan Wilder Samuel Church Timothy Harwood Ephraim Powers Jacob Robins Aaron Kilbourn John Spafford Thomas Sawyer, Jr. Silas Rice John Parsons Oliver Powers Ezra Sawyer Asa Smith Ephraim Wyman Obadiah Grove Abel Bigelow. A fourth company had Joseph White for captain. This belonged to the regiment of Col. Asa Whitcomb and was engaged at this time for only four or five days. More men hurried to Cambridge than were needed, and some were poorly equipped. These returned home, and prepared for more extended service, as the war was prolonged from year to year till its triumphant close. Capt. Joseph White Lt. Cyrus Fairbanks Lt. Moses Sawyer Sgt. Samuel Thurston Sgt. John Fletcher Sgt. John Clarke Corp. Peter Larkin Corp. Moses Wilder Jona. White Nath. White William Richardson Phinehas Wilder Joseph Lewis Jona. Whitney Abel Phelps Joseph Fairbanks Josiah Bennet William Phelps Joseph Beman In June, probably before the battle of Bunker Hill, Andrew Haskell became captain of the minute-men and with an enlarged number, served under Col. Asa Whitcomb, three months and fourteen days. This is the muster roll: Capt. Andrew Haskell Lt. John Kendrick Lt. Jonathan Sawyer Sgt. John Hewitt Sgt. Abijah Phillips Sgt. Jeremiah Haskell Sgt. Joshua Fairbanks Corp. Josiah Bowers Corp. Benj. Houghton Corp. Ebenezer Allen Corp. Jacob Wilder Dr. Nathaniel White p.292 roster continued Fifer, John Wheelock Abel Wyman Abijah Houghton Benjamin Ballard Benjamin James Daniel Clark Daniel Wyman David Hosley Eber Sawyer Elisha Rugg Ebenezer Abbot George Richardson Mark Heard Matthew James Nathan Esterbrooks Peter Airs Gersham Flagg Israel Willard Joseph Beaman Joseph Phelps Jacob Phelps Jonathan Ross Joseph Wilder Jacob Pike Isaac Kilbourn Isaac Eveleth John Fletcher John Ballard Jonathan White Jonathan Wilder John Warner Peter Manning Samuel Barret Stanton Carter Thomas Goodwin William Shaw William Deputron William Phelps Winslow Phelps Jonas Prescot David Robbins Robert Phelps John Baker John Myers William Calley Samuel Adams. David Robbins was killed on Bunker Hill. Robert Phelps was wounded and captured on the day of the battle. Some of these men were with Capt. Houghton when he hastened to Concord. To be continued Part 2 p. 292 continued. 11:19, 11 July 2010 (UTC)11:19, 11 July 2010 (UTC)11:19, 11 July 2010 (UTC)11:19, 11 July 2010 (UTC)11:19, 11 July 2010 (UTC)11:19, 11 July 2010 (UTC)11:19, 11 July 2010 (UTC)11:19, 11 July 2010 (UTC)11:19, 11 July 2010 (UTC)11:19, 11 July 2010 (UTC)11:19, 11 July 2010 (UTC)WRG-Robot Transcribed by Janice Farnsworth Subject: Lancaster, Massachusetts Revolutionary War Rosters Source: History of Lancaster, Massachusetts by Rev. Abijah P. Marvin 1879 Part 2 p.292 Ephraim Richardson, under Col. Asa Whitcomb, led a company to Concord and Cambridge, and was in the service from April 19 to August 1, three months and fourteen days. They were, officers and privates, fifty-four in the company: Capt. Ephraim Richardson Lt. Seth Heywood Lt. Ephraim Boynton Sgt. Ebenezer Pike Sgt. Luther Graves Sgt. Samuel Rice Sgt. Tilly Wells Corp. Solomon Holman Corp. Nathaniel Brown Corp. Roger Boutelle Corp. Matthias Larkin Dr. John Wheeler Fifer, William Kendall Ebenezer Belknap John Burns Timothy Brown Thomas Blodget Noah Kendall Israel Kooke Thomas Cleland Elijah Dole Elijah Dresor John Densmore Calvin Fairbank Asa Farrar Aaron Gary Aaron Glasier Ephraim Goss Jacob Kilbourn Joshua Kendall Israel Manning Reuben More Jonathan Phillips Elisha Prouty Jacob Piper David Pike Ephraim Pike Josiah Person Asa Rugg Seth Buss Luther Rice Benja. Smith Jude Sawyer James Sawyer Thomas Smith David Gary Israel Tower Jacob Wilder Joshua Whitney Josiah Brunson Joseph Savage John Sawyer Thomas Prossor. p.293 Jabez Brooks, Nathaniel Brown, Elijah Dole and Thomas Smith went to Quebec under Arnold. Savage and Brunson joined the artillery. The men who made forced marches to Concord, were either volunteer militia or minute-men. They were not called out by any constituted authority; but a messenger, probably chosen by the committee of correspondence in each town, took up the message as it came from the town below, and galloped with it to a town to the westward, and thus the summons flew over the hills of Worcester county to the valley of the Connnecticut, and on to Berkshire. But there was an immediate necessity for a more permanent military organization, and men were invited to enlist in the service, for a longer or a shorter time, as the case might be. From the Rolls we learn that the following men enlisted in the Continental Army and served from six to nine days: 1st Lt. Andrew Haskell Sgt. John Sawyer Sgt. John Kendrick Corp. John Farwell Corp. John Haskell Fifer, John Wheelock Mark Heard or Ward Jacob Wilder Eber Sawyer Abel Wyman Benjamin Ballard Daniel Wyman James Beaman John Baker Josiah Bowers Joseph Phelps Josiah Phelps Abel Allen Samuel Adams Thomas Goodwin Elisha Rugg Jonathan Ross Jacob Phelps Isaac Eveleth Abijah Phillips Benjamin Houghton. Probably these men entered the general service when the volunteers returned home, and remained a few days until a more permanent arrangement could be made. It appears from the Rolls that officers and men were immediately enlisted for a period of eight months. Under Col. Asa Whitcomb, Capt Andrew Haskell, and others, enlisted into the train, or artillery, May 24 and 28, 1775. Capt. Adrew Haskell Corp. Ebenezer Allen Abel Allen Corp. Josiah Bowers Samuel Barret John Baker Peter Airs Samuel Adams Ebenezer Abbot Joseph Beaman John Ballard Benjamin Ballard p.294 And on the thirtieth of May, the following are supposed to have joined the same company of artillery: Daniel Clark Stanton Carter William Calley Sgt. Joshua Fairbank John Fletcher Gershom Flagg Thomas Goodwin. Other men joined the company of Capt. Haskell at dates not recorded. It will be seen thatmany names are repeated, proving that a large number of the soldiers were in the service, at different times, and under different officers. Fifer William Kendall Joshua Kendall Jacob Kilbourn Sgt. Abijah Phillips Sgt. Robert Phelps Jonas Prescot Joseph Phelps Josiah Phelps Jacob Phelps Jacob Pike Elisha Rugg George Richardson Jonathan Ross David Robbins Eber Sawyer William Shaw Corp. Jacob Wilder Dr. Nathaniel White Fifer, John Wheeler Joseph Wilder Jotham Wilder John Warner Jonathan White Israel Willard Daniel Wyman Abel Wyman. To be continued, Part 3, p. 294. 11:19, 11 July 2010 (UTC)11:19, 11 July 2010 (UTC)11:19, 11 July 2010 (UTC)11:19, 11 July 2010 (UTC)11:19, 11 July 2010 (UTC)11:19, 11 July 2010 (UTC)11:19, 11 July 2010 (UTC)11:19, 11 July 2010 (UTC)11:19, 11 July 2010 (UTC)11:19, 11 July 2010 (UTC)11:19, 11 July 2010 (UTC)11:19, 11 July 2010 (UTC)~ Transcribed by Janice Farnsworth Subject: Lancaster, Massachusetts Revolutionary War Rosters Source: History of Lancaster, Massachusetts by Rev. Abijah P. Marvin 1879 Part 3 of 3 p.294 Opposite the name of Robert Phelps is written "wounded and in captivity, June 17." It is safe to infer that he was in the battle of Bunker Hill, was wounded and taken prisoner. In Frothingham's "Seige of Boston" it is stated that only a few of Col. Asa Whitcomb's regiment were in the battle. Probably the bulk of the regiment were in Cambridge, as General Ward feared a movement of the enemy in that direction. Capt. Ephraim Richardson was in the service in the spring or summer of 1775 at the head of the following men, but the duration of his or their service has not been found. The men evidently entered and left the service at different times. Lt. Seth Heywood Lt. Ephraim Boynton Lt. John Kindrick Sgt. Luther Graves John Hewitt Ebenezer Pike Samuel Rice Falls Wills Corp. Jonas Beaman Corp. Benjamin Houghton Corp. Ephraim Sawyer Dr. John Wheeler Nathaniel Brown Jabez Brooks John Bunn Thomas Blodgett Josiah Brunson Israel Cook Aaron Gary Ephraim Goss Calvin Fairbank David Hosley Mark Heard Jacob Piper Thomas Smith Benjamin Smith Seth Ross Joseph Savage Jude Sawyer Jacob Wilder James Wall Abijah Houghton Jeremiah Haskell Isaac Kilbourn David Pike Josiah Pearson Elisha Proute Manassah Powers Jona. Phillips Ephraim Pike Winslow Phelps Asa Rugg Luther Rice James Sawyer Ephraim Whitcomb Joshua Whitney Thomas Proser. p.295 Two of these men joined the expedition to Quebec, through the wilderness of Maine and Canada, under Col. Benedict Arnold, Sept 11, 1775; viz., John Bunn and Joseph Savage. James Sawyer joined the artillery May 16th. Joseph Beaman served in Col. Doolittle's regiment; Israel Davenport in Col. Nixon's; Moses Osgood in Col. William Prescott's; and Nathan Osgood in the company of Capt. David, under Col. Asa Whitcomb. In the muster rolls is found the following list of names. Perhaps the majority of the company belonged to the second precinct, but their service is a part of the history of Lancaster: "Provincial regiment of foot of militia men, commanded by Col. Asa Whitcomb. Part of the second and thirteenth companies, whereof Capt. Daniel Robbins commanded, who marched to Cambridge in consequence of an alarm, by order of the Colonel and returned again, not listed in the above service, 19th April, 14 days." Capt. Daniel Robbins 1st Lt. Josiah Kendall Lt. Asa Wilder Lt. Fortunatus Eager Ensign Edward Newton Ensign Jonathan Baley Sgt. Samuel Baley Sgt. Nathaniel Wright, Jr. Sgt. John Dusser Sgt. Thomas Wears Cornet Samuel Thompson Cornet Thomas Ross Cornet Samuel Herring Cornet Simon Lyon Benjamin Whitemore Seth Fairbanks Ephraim Wright Thomas Wright Josiah Wilder, Jr. Abraham Howe Seth How John Robbins Seth Brooks Gamaliel Beaman Benjamin Beaman Jonas Bailey Jonathan Thompson John Kilburn William Palmer Calvin Moor James Houghton George Hibris Joshua Sawyer Joseph Densmore Jonathan Prescott Ephraim Bowker Elijah Wilder David Whitteor Samuel Tarritt Samuel Holman Thomas Sawyer Asa Smith Hugh Moor Timothy Wilder. p.296 "Private men's names that enlisted April 26, 7 days in service." Joshua Whitney Elijah Dole David Gray Daniel Farrar Noah Kendall Seth Ross Jonas Beaman. Only two of the whole number registered above deserted. p.312 The following is a list of soldiers who were in the continental service in the years 1777 to 1780 and who "enlisted for three years, or during the war." George Giddion Ebenezer Glasier James Armstrong Cornelius Baker Abel Bigelow Benjamin Ballard Samuel Bennett John Carter Thomas Cleland Elijah Dole, died in service John Dollerson Nathaniel Easterbrook Hiram Eager Gershom Flagg Asa Farrar Samuel Harring Joshua Johnson Job Lewis Levi Larkin Abel Moor Nathan Osgood William Prentice Jacob Phelps Perley Rogers James Russell George Richardson Seth Ross Luther Rice Reuben Ramsdell Wharf Rand Simeon Kemp Lemuel Shed Robert Skinner, died in service James Snow Oner Simes Peter Tew John Wyman David Whitcomb Francis Whitcomb John Warner Asa Wyman Jonathan Wheelock Joseph Wheelock, died in service James Willard Daniel Wyman, died in service Benjamin Wheelock Samuel Wood Abel Wright, died in service Joshua Whitney Aaron Willard Caleb Whitney, died in service p.314 The above names were found in two volumes, in the office of the Secretary of State, relating to the war of the Revolution.The names are entered in the volumes by regiments. Two or three, who shall be nameless, deserted, after being long in the service. In the same volumes is another list containing the names of a few men who joined the artillery: John Baker Joseph Bennett Josiah Bowers Ebenezer Flagg Gershom Flagg Thomas Goodwin Jacob Wilder Joseph Beaman John Keene. There is still another list of men, whose time of service was in 1780 as appears by the following record. "Six months' men belonging to Lancaster, who marched to West Point in the continental service, including ten days travel." Sgt. Ebenezer Flagg Sgt. Andrew Haskell Jacob Allen Isaac Eveleth Paul Sawyer Jeduthun Sawyer Daniel Willard Samuel Phelps Ezra Moor Joshua Phelps Jona. Barnard Samuel Johnson Ebenezer Burditt Reuben Wilder William Flud Samuel Corey Stephen Corey Oliver Wheelock Jona. Tenney Jotham Woods Abel Sawyer. Note: Spelling of surnames are as they appear in this book. Transcribed by Janice Farnsworth ************************************** See what's new at <a href=""></a>

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