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From: john sanko <johnsankottz -at-> Subject: [WHITNEY] I Need Your Help Date: Fri, 8 Feb 2008 11:08:53 -0800 (PST) From: Mr. John sanko 20 kotoko avenue Accra north Ghana west africa Mobile +233 276 739 473 Dear Friend This may appear a bit surprising to you but very beneficial as a matter of urgent am desperately looking for a foreign partner whom I can trust to handle some investment or fund movement. my name is john sanko,28 years of age. as a native of konor region in sierra leone,the only surviving Son and dauther of Dr Ibrahim sanko the late commitee chairman of diamond and gold the minal of natural resources and environment sierra leone. we lost our family in March, 1996,in the on going war in the republic of Sierra leone in which millions of Sierra leonian citizens died. Before the death of my parents,my late father revealed to me that,he deposited the sum of $25,000,000, and gold in a medium size trunk box(25 million dollars) in a high security company in Accra Ghana,in which he approved me the next of kin and beneficiary to the said deposited money. When the war was going on in my country, before the aggrieved rebels attacked my parents,i was able to escape through the underground tunnel with the certified documents. Though,my late father left an instruction to the security company to only allow the trunk box to be released to his foriegn business patner. After his death i went to Accra Ghana,with the documents which he gave to me and confirmed. Now, that, the condition is like this, l have decided to go into investments with this fund.And l prefer an ecconomiccally stable country like yours where there is no war. Therefore l will like you to assist me by coming to Accra Ghana,to sign out this fund from the SECURITY COMPANY as my late father's foriegn business partner,hence i could not found his business partners. ln these l have decided to give you 40% of the money,5% will be for any expenses that may incure during the process including airfares,Hotel accummodation etc. while 55% will be for each other upon investments. All documents as regards to this transaction will be sent to you as soon as you indicate your interest in assisting me, bear in mind that, The authenticity of this business is 100%. Please,get back to me immediately as soon as you show interest. hence i could not found his business partner. Therefore l will like you to assist me My reason of inviting you to accra Ghana is for us to have face to face discussion, to know each other better and sign the neccessary documents but if you can not come hear in Ghana i will like you to contact our family lawyer he will help us to transfer the box to your country. Pls ,i need your assistance to collect this box from the security company,i have all the neccessary documents concerning the deposit. I WILL LIKE TO TELL YOU THAT THERE IS NO RISK INVOLVE IN THIS TRANSACTION.ONLY THAT I WANT YOU TO GIVE ME YOUR TRUST IN THIS TRANSACTION. Yours Faithfully, john and Her Sister --------------------------------- Never miss a thing. Make Yahoo your homepage.

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