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From: "Tim Doyle" <tim -at-> Subject: [WHITNEY] Early Whitney Court Case Date: Wed, 13 Feb 2008 18:23:10 -0600 Over the last several days, I have been working to transcribe a document which was ordered from the National Archives of Great Britain, dated about 1582. This document is one of many which are being examined behind the scenes in order to better understand and link the early Whitney families. It is a Bill of Complaint brought before the Star Chamber in London by a certain Thomas Whitney against a man named Roger Vaughan. Now we know this isn't "our" Thomas Whitney, father of the immigrant John, but determining which one it actually is is one of the objectives of the ongoing research. I thought that this case might be of interest to the group, because it gives us an image of what life might have been like for our early ancestors. It describes a series of events, including assaults, attempted murders, murder, a bribed jury, breaking and entering, jury packing, as well as visits to a "tippling house" (a tavern) and a fair, both located near the seat of the primary Whitney family. You can read my transcription of the document on the WRG website at: <a href=""></a> Keep in mind that I am still adding to and correcting the transcription, so feel free to check back periodically to see my progress. Enjoy! Tim

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