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From: R R Kyser <sorryken -at-> Subject: [WHITNEY] the abductress at the Whitney Date: Sat, 23 Aug 2008 09:01:35 -0500 To our annals of Whitney-related crime we can add the following story. In this case, the Whitney is neither the criminal nor the victim, but the temporary address of the alleged perpetrator when she was caught. To respect copyright I've just posted the basics; you'll have to read the whole thing to appreciate fully its weirdness: <a href=""></a> You can visit the Whitney "Presidential Towers" in Clayton, Delaware, here: <a href=""></a> Cheers, Ron Kyser Woman Attempts To Kidnap Ex-Virtual Boyfriend CLAYMONT, Del. (CBS 3) ― A woman wanted in the bizarrely complicated attempted kidnapping of her former virtual boyfriend has been apprehended after a multi-state search. New Castle County Police said 33-year-old Kimberly Jernigan of North Carolina was apparently distraught after her online relationship with a 52-year-old man from Claymont, Delaware came to an end. The pair apparently met online in "Second Life..." In the beginning of August, Jernigan allegedly drove to the victim's Pennsylvania workplace and attempted to kidnap him at gunpoint. While she was unsuccessful, she returned two weeks later to track down the victim's Delaware address. Police said Jernigan posed as a postal worker in order to locate the victim's new address, as he had recently moved. After four days of searching, authorities said she found residence in the Whitney Presidential Towers on the 7100 block of Society Drive in Claymont...

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