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From: adrian brisee <abrisee -at-> Subject: [WHITNEY] Abigail, Dau of solomon and Martha Whitney Date: Mon, 27 Oct 2008 18:12:30 -0700 (PDT) Hi group - I was visiting a local museum today, as is my habit asked if I could copy the inscriptions from the family Bibles they had there. The third and oldest Bible there is the James Woods Bible. Imagine my surprise to see the first entry is his marriage to Abigail Whitney, daughter of Solomon & Martha Whitney and widow of Israel Underwood. I checked in Pierce's and he has her first marriage and children, but not the second husband and kids. I put the transcription of the Bible on my website at and you can view it by selecting Family Bibles and then James Woods from the alphabetical lists. It is in a local musuem so I don't know if they will let me borrow it to scan the pages or not, I will check back with them, the curator is asking the board. I do run the genealogy library not too far from them so just maybe. Anyway it is nice to be able to extend the line for Abigail. And it is John and Elinor's line (my line) so double blessing.   Adrian Brisee

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