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From: Tim Doyle <tim -at-> Subject: [WHITNEY] Whitney Research in England Date: Wed, 19 Nov 2008 12:17:47 -0600 Several people have asked for additional details on the Whitney research currently under way in England & Wales, so I am going to highlight a few of the latest documents we've obtained. Obtaining these documents is helping us to better understand the various Whitney families in England & Wales, which will hopefully give us hints as to where the American immigrants might connect. These documents can cost as little as a few dollars to over $100 each, depending on the sizes and number of pages. There are many documents that we have not been able to order due to the cost. If you would like to contribute cash to assist in our efforts, please contact me. * Whitney vs. Whitney, 1627. This is a very interesting case involving several Whitney families involved in a land dispute. It proves that a younger son of the Whitneys of Whitney has been misidentified for over 100 years. I'm holding back on additional details as we're planning to publish an article about this. * Richard Devereaux vs. John Whitney. This John Whitney is currently not identified. The document is highly damaged with major portions missing and water damage on other portions. The case involves a lease of a parsonage or prebendary, sometime before 1547, probably in or near Wales. The case is dated to about 1552. We've noted that another document is available which appears to be related to this case, and which will hopefully yield more details and allow us to identify this John Whitney. * Geoffrey Whitney, 1500's. This is a fragment piece of a case involving Geoffrey Whitney, probably the father or son of that name of Cheshire. * Richard Hill, Gent., of London vs. Edward Jones, mariner of London, Gilbert Jones of London, his brother, and Robert Whitney, brother-in- law of Gilbert Jones, dated 1669. We haven't identified Robert Whitney yet, but the case appears to be a dispute over some goods, including "one Scarlett Petticoat" and "one Velvett Petticoat". * Whitney vs. Booth, about 1640. James Whitney, Gent., was the last (known) in the line of the Whitneys of Clifford, an offshoot of the main Whitneys of Whitney. On 9 Apr 1638, he acted as a surety for Thomas Collie in a bond due 24 Jun 1638. The bond was not paid, and on 16 Feb 1638[/9], James Whitney was arrested and spent 14 months in the custody of James Booth, then jailer of Herefordshire. During his stay, James "a gentleman of great kinred and friends" was "manteyned with meate drinke lodging and other necessaries fitt for his degree and callinge". His mother had even visited to make sure the jailer would provide enough food and drink for her son. This was not provided free however, and when James and his father Eustace Whitney received the bill, they were obviously shocked, thus the lawsuit. Booth claimed that during his confinement, James had many friends, kindred, servants and acquaintances visit and James liberally gave them beer, wine, tobacco, etc. This document has not yet been fully transcribed. * Thomas Whitney of Dieulacres, dated 1509 to 1547. This case has not yet been transcribed, but Thomas was the Abbot of the monastery at Dieulacres. * Newball & Byrd vs. Henry Whitney, dated 1586. This case has not yet been transcribed. * Sir James Whitney, knight vs. Bonde & Wodeland, dated 1579. This case has not yet been transcribed. * Whitney vs. Whitney, dated 1625-1649. This case is a squabble between Whitney brothers in the Clifford branch. * "Istance" (Eustace) Whitney of London vs. Rosser, dated 1558-1579. This Eustace Whitney appears to be from Clyro, Radnorshire but was then living in London. We have not seen him mentioned before and have not identified where he ties in. * Robert Whitney, 1541. This appears to be an Inquisition Post Mortem (IPM) for a member of the main Whitney of Whitney branch. * Robert Whitney, knight, dated 1567. This appears to be an Inquisition Post Mortem (IPM) for a member of the main Whitney of Whitney branch. * Eustace de Witney, dated 1304. This is an agreement between Eustace de Witney and his probable father-in-law Alexander de Frevile, knight and another man of Hereford. Written in Latin, not yet transcribed or translated. This is one of the earliest documents we have obtained. * William Whitney of Broadwell vs. William Edwards, dated 1588. This is a Star Chamber suit involving "the takinge of the beastes and cattell". This William was a younger son of the Whitneys of Whitney. As you can see, we have a lot currently in the works, and more documents have been ordered. I believe that we have now created the largest and most comprehensive collection of Whitney-related documents ever assembled. Some of thee documents cost just a few dollars, but some of them run upwards of $100. If anyone would like to help fund additional documents, this would be most appreciated!! For those that might want to help with transcribing documents, note that most documents are in the old-style court hand script, and it takes a bit of study to learn how to read it properly. I'd be more than happy to assist anyone who was willing to try! For a list of court cases, see <a href=""></a> For a list of PCC wills, see <a href=""></a> Tim

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