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From: WhitPark -at- Subject: [WHITNEY] Whitney tidbits - MN Date: Wed, 4 Feb 2009 11:19:11 EST I was reviewing the latest issue of the Minnesota Genealogical Journal Vol #40 September 2008 Extracts of the Minnesota Pioneer Press newspaper, later named the St Paul Pioneer Press on page 3907 I find the following listing from Wednesday 16 January 1856 "The Historical Society of Minnesota held its annual meeting on Monday evening, in the Hall of the House of Representatives. Ex-Gov Ramsey, the President of the Society, presided.... Life memberships, at twenty five dollars each, [were issued] to the following named gentleman: {clipped} C.T. WHITNEY, J. E. WHITNEY {clipped}." Jo Hogle I found it interesting that the historical society had obviously been formed several years before Minnesota became a state (1858). The list of attendees contained many esteemed Minnesota pioneers, their names being familiar to those of us who grew up learning MN state history. **************Who's never won? Biggest Grammy Award surprises of all time on AOL Music. (<a href=""></a>)

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