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From: "Larry" <tracy -at-> Subject: [WHITNEY] Obituary of Phoebe (Whitney) Orr Date: Tue, 31 Mar 2009 14:51:04 -0400 WRG, Below please find the obituary of Phoebe (Whitney) Orr, originally ) of Farmington, Maine. While transcribing the Town Records of St. Albans, Maine, research colleague Ann Foss of Palmyra found the obituary placed between the leaves and presented me with a transcription of the same, along with accompanying census data. Publisher attribution was neither present nor determined, but suspected as the Bangor Daily News or Kennebec Journal, both area newspapers of the time. Longtime friend and fellow researcher Ken Whitney of Silver Spring, Maryland has provided the ancestry of Phoebe (Whitney) Orr, she one of seven children of William W. and Elizabeth (Maxfield) Whitney. Her ancestry is: John1, Benjamin2, Nathaniel3, Isaac4, Isaac5, Samuel6, William W.7. Again, a hearty 'thank you' for the efforts of both Ann and Ken for making this small Whitney presentation possible. Larry Tracy, Jr. Kennebunkport, Maine OBITUARY Phoebe ORR was Oldest Link in Five Generations Phoebe [WHITNEY] ORR died on Monday April 9 1923, at the home of her sister, Mrs W. W. HARTWELL, St. Albans. She had been in feeble health for many years, but passed away rather suddenly at the age of nearly 81. She was born April 18, 1842 in Farmington, where she spent her girlhood. In 1864 she married Christopher ORR and she and her husband were among the pioneer settlers of Aroostook County. Five children were born to them all of whom survive. Mrs ORR lived on the Aroostook farm about eighteen years ago, when she went to St Albans to live with her sister. She was a woman of noble Christian character with a sweet and generous personality, beloved by all with whom she came in contact. She is survived by a brother, William WHITNEY, at Farmington, and a sister Mrs. W. W. HARTWELL of St. Albans, two daughters, Mrs Elizabeth WAKEFIELD of Skowhegan and Mrs. Annie NEWBEGIN of Woodland: three sons, Daniel E., Suzazier and Oscar, all of Methuen, Massachusetts, also seventeen grandchildren, twenty-three great-grandchildren and one great-great-grandchild. At the time of her death, Mrs. Orr enjoyed the distinction of forming the oldest link in a chain of five generations. Funeral services were held at her sister's house in St. Albans on Thursday afternoon, the officiating clergyman being the Rev. Charles JOHONETT. Floral Tributes sent by loving relatives showed the esteem they held for the deceased. The body was _____________ in Methuen, Mass where it will rest beside that of her husband at Elmwood Cemetery. Note: Phoebe Orr died at 80 years, 11 months, 27 days. Doctor Moulton signed the death certificate. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- CENSUS DATA 1850 Census Farmington, Franklin Co. ME WHITNEY, William H. 34 Farmer WHITNEY, Elizabeth 27 WHITNEY, Edmund M. 10 WHITNEY, Phoebe H. 08 WHITNEY, Frances A 06 WHITNEY, William C. 02 WHITNEY, Sarah E. Whitney 5/12m CORCORAN[?], Thomas 86 CORCORAN[?], Lucy 63 WHITNEY, Samuel 75 WHITNEY, Dorcas 71 1860 Census Farmington, Franklin Co. ME WHITNEY, William 44 WHITNEY, Elizabeth 37 WHITNEY, Edmund M. 19 WHITNEY, Phoebe J. 18 WHITNEY, Frances A 17 WHITNEY, William C. 12 WHITNEY, Sarah E. 10 WHITNEY, Luclla 08 WHITNEY, Samuel 07 NEXT HOUSE WHITNEY, Samuel 87 WHITNEY, Dorcas 81 1870 Census Farmington, Franklin Co. ME WHITNEY, William 54 WHITNEY, Elizabeth 47 WHITNEY, William C. 22 WHITNEY, Luclla 18 WHITNEY, Samuel 17 1870 Census Woodland, Aroostook Co., ME ORR, Christopher 40 Farmer ORR, Phebe Jane 28 ORR, Sarah E 08 ORR, Daniel E 06 1880 Census Farmington, Franklin Co., ME WHITNEY, William 63 WHITNEY, Elizabeth 57 TRUE, Elisabeth 30 1880 Census Woodland, Aroostook Co., ME ORR, Christian 52 Head Farmer ORR, Faby 38 Wife ORR, Sera 18 Dau ORR, Daniel 16 Son ORR, Annay 08 Dau ORR, Sumer 02 Son 1900 Census Woodland, Aroostook Co., ME ORR, Oscar Head 19 09/1880 ORR, Christopher Father 75 09/1824 35 ORR, Phoebe Mother 58 04/1842 35 4 - 2 1900 Census St Albans, Somerset Co., ME HARTWELL, Wm W Head 48 M 08/1837 10 HARTWELL, Sarah E Wife 47 M 11/1852 10 2 - 1 HARTWELL, Beryl E Dau 18 S 02/1882 HARTWELL, Clyde G Son 08 S 09/1881 1910 Census St Albans, Somerset Co., ME HARTWELL, William Head 58 M2 20 HARTWELL, Sarah Wife 58 M2 20 HARTWELL, Leon Gson 08 S ORR, Pheba J S-I-L 68 W 5 - 5 1920 Census St Albans, Somerset Co., ME HARTWELL, William Head 68 M2 20 HARTWELL, Sarah Wife 69 M2 20 HARTWELL, Leon Son 17 S ORR, Pheba J S-I-L 78 W 5 - 5

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