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From: Noreen LaTour <neroots.noreen -at-> Subject: [WHITNEY] To Tim Doyle - About Pierce Book Date: Sat, 25 Apr 2009 08:28:32 -0400 Tim, I do have an original copy of the Pierce book on the Whitneys which was given to me by my maternal grandmother upon her death. I also have a scanner (or rather my husband has one hooked up yto his computer.) I mentioned to him last night about your request for the photos/illustrations contained in the book & he said he was willing to scan them for me & for WRG. However,I hadn't realized how many photos/illustrations were involvedf in such a project. I saw a post this morning by someone who also has an original & a scanner but was reluctant to scan the book because the number of items to be scanned was too overwhelming for her.From the conversation we had last night I think my husband shares this woman's hesitation about such an undertaking. Therefore,I have a suggestion. Perhaps this lady,myself and a few others who have an original of the book & a scanner could each take an assigned group of photos/illustrations so that it wouldn't be too much for 1 person to take on. Doesn't that sound like a better plan? So everyone who can contribute to this project let me know & we can then work out which part of the book we each can scan for the WRG ok? Noreen Maloney LaTour Burlington,Vermont P.S.I was surprised to hear the sad news that Al Green had died. I met him only once (and that was at the 1st Whitney Reunion held in Lexington,MA) and wished I'd had more time to visit with him there as he seemed like a very friendly & caring person. He also had a wealth of knowledge about the Whitneys. I regret that I didn't e mail him often enough and thus get to know him better and not to just enjoy all the information on the Whitneys that he possessed. Al wii be surely missed by everyone. My deepest sympathies and prayers go out to his family & close friends.

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