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From: "Ken Whitney" <ken.whitney -at-> Subject: [WHITNEY] Correction to F.C. Pierce Date: Mon, 25 May 2009 16:53:43 -0400 WRG: Below you will find a proposed correction to F.C. Pierce's John Whitney genealogy. Comment and criticism is encouraged. The family of Peleg Tallman Whitney can be found at: <a href=""></a>) . The information on this page is taken from page 406 of Frederick Clifton Pierce's John Whitney genealogy. I believe that the information Pierce presents is mostly accurate, but I also believe he made an error concerning the eighth child, William T. Whitney. Pierce seems to be indicating that William died on 23 November 1888. However, census information seems to show this not to be the case, and that it was probably William's first wife who died on that date. The 1880 census of Anoka, Anoka Co., Minnesota shows the family of Arthur H. and Louisa V. (Whitney) Dowdell. Louisa was the widow of Peleg Tallman Whitney, and this is her second marriage. Also in the family are Lizzie V. and William T. Whitney, the children of Peleg and Louisa Whitney. William is an apprentice to a printer. His father was born in Maine and his mother in New Brunswick. The 1900 census of Minneapolis, Hennepin Co., Minnesota again shows the Dowdell household. Now living with them is Louise Whitney, described as granddaughter born in April 1888. It also says that Louise Dowdell had only two children, both of whom are alive. Louise must then be the daughter of her son William. The same Minneapolis census also shows the household of William and Lillie A. Whitney. has him indexed as Wilbur L. Whitney, but close inspection of the census reveals the entry says William L. Whitney. The initial L must be an error by the census taker. William is said to be born in June of 1864 in Maine, as says Pierce. He is described as a printer, and his father is born in Maine and his mother in New Brunswick. I believe from this census data the conclusion can be drawn that the William Whitney in Minneapolis in 1900 is the son of Peleg Tallman and Louisa V. (McLachlan) Whitney. Since Louise Whitney was born in 1888, it is reasonable to assume that the death date supplied by Pierce for William was really for his first wife, Lucella B. Petty, who died subsequent to childbirth. Ken Whitney Silver Spring, MD

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