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From: R R Kyser <sorryken -at-> Subject: [WHITNEY] Kate Whitney Whiting, philanthropist,and Whitney Warner Publishing Date: Tue, 28 Jul 2009 15:53:29 -0500 I've been helping someone in Costa Rica with a question on the Whiting family, so of course in the back of my mind is how often the names Whiting and Whitney have been confused in the past, as they look nearly identical written out by hand. Well, I wonder if this august lady, notable enough to be listed in Find-a-Grave, ever had the same problem: <a href=""></a> She's made some appearances at WRG: <a href=""></a>: Whitney%2C_Baxter_(1812-1889) <a href=""></a> Actually, the Whiting we were discussing is the Hollywood composer Richard A Whiting. (His singing daughter Margaret may be more familiar to most.) Richard has a Whitney connection of his own. His first job in music was for a Detroit publisher named Whitney Warner. This organization doesn't show up in a WRG search, and I've never been able to find any information about its roots. Its future was to be legendary, though. It was bought by another Detroiter, Jerome H Remick, who renamed it and moved to New York City. One of their first hires there was a green teenage song plugger named Jacob Gershovitz, who dabbled in a little composing himself. He later simplified his name to George Gershwin. Some of Whitney Warner's "Gay 90s"-era sheet music can be seen here, though if one's easily offended one might want to use a bookmark over the cover art: <a href=""></a> or <a href=""></a>-- -0dplhacsm--00-0-0-0prompt-10---4---Document-dd3--0-1l--1-en-50---20- about-Whitney+Warner+Pub.+Co.%2C--001-011-1-0utfZz-8-0&a=q Does the US Census show any Michigan Whitneys working in the music publishing business at the time? Cheers, Ron Kyser

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