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From: R R Kyser <sorryken -at-> Subject: [WHITNEY] Meg Whitman's Whitney descent Date: Fri, 23 Oct 2009 00:46:13 -0500 Meg Whitman is, at the moment, a leading candidate for Governor of California. She was CEO of eBay from 1998, when it was still tiny, to 2007. Before that she had a long career with Procter & Gamble and several other companies, including a stint as Mr Potato Head's boss at Hasbro. According to this Ahnentafel, she descends from John and Elinor (#2580-1): <a href=""></a> megwhitman.htm John Whitney Joshua Whitney Martha Whitney Isaac Williams Sarah Williams Asa Taylor John Otis Taylor Henry Hobart Taylor Hobart Chatfield Chatfield-Taylor Adelaide Chatfield-Taylor Hendricks Hallet Whitman (Jr) Margaret Cushing ("Meg") Whitman She is married to Griffith Rutherford Harsh IV. I believe both her children are adopted, and the line ends with her. (But don't quote me.) One could imagine the string of names they might have! Cheers, Ron Kyser

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