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There remains only to transcribe the remaining pages from the book itself: Archive:The Whitney Family of Connecticut

When adding a new page, one needs to update the list at the bottom of this page, the one at Archive:The Whitney Family of Connecticut#Untranscribed Pages, and the one in the comment part at the end of that section. Finally, one should change the percentages under "Project Status:".


  • Tables in the body of an entry will require hand-editing. Current solution: split the entry into three parts, use PhoenixEntry for the first and last, and explicitly code the table in the middle one. First example: a signature on page 11.
  • Footnotes may contain preformatted text, which cannot be passed into the PhoenixFootnote template for some reason. Current solution: explicitly code the footnote without using the template, but using <span>, <font>, <sup>, and text. First example: a footnote on page 25.
  • I have replaced two-column footnotes with one-column ones. This could be undone if we find a convenient way to handle two columns. Tables cannot be passed into the PhoenixFootnote template, probably because the "|" character used as a delimiter for a table interferes with the same character used as a delimiter in the template. Current solution: explicitly code a two-column footnote using a table, <span>, <font>, <sup>, and text.
  • Using the "|" character in diagrams does not work, interfering with the same character used as a delimiter in templates. I substituted the string "&#124;" instead. That works, but drawing the diagram becomes more difficult. First example: a diagram on page 15.

Templates and Test Pages

Pages Already Converted

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