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Here are some snapshots taken at the reunion. Can anyone help with the unidentified people in these pictures?


From Carolyn Branagan

© 2002, Carolyn Branagan.

Lyn Legere, Organizer, WRG Reunion 2002
Carolyn Branagan, Organizer, WRG Reunion 2002
Robert Ward
Mike Poston adds to family tree
Rita Mayhorn, Jerry Scalessi, and half of Merry Whitney
Larry Tracy and Jan Whitaker
Penny Dilloway, Annette Poston, and Mike Poston
Rita Mayhorn, Jerry Scalessi, Merry Whitney, Victoria Harrell, Janet Duffield
Cap Whitney and Carolyn Branagan
Allan Green speaks to the WRG Reunion
L to R: Penny Dilloway, ??? Whitney, Jim Dilloway, David Whitney Strong, Elizabeth Whitney Strong, George Bates, Judy Bates
Cap Whitney
Ken Whitney and Larry Tracy at breakfast
Tim and Joni Markert
Cap, Cindy, and Janet Whitney
Robert C. Whitney and Rita Mayhorn
Victoria Harrell and Janet Duffield
Phyllis and Jim House
Jan Whitaker, Allan Green, and Virginia Green
Robert Ward and Jan Whitaker
Jim Dilloway and Gene Whitney
Annette and Mike Poston
Partha Buell and Karl Schwerin
Noreen LaTour and Patty Lutton
Carolyn and Chris Branagan
Ken Whitney at Watertown Public Library
Robert Ward, Lyn Legere, and Alan Whitney at WPL
Victoria Harrell and Janet Duffield on the Internet at WPL
Nancy Metelski, Larry Tracy, and Ken Whitney at Mt. Auburn Cemetery
Lyn Legere at Mt. Auburn Cemetery
Karl Schwerin presentation
Karl Schwerin and Robert Ward
Robert Ward Presentation

From Esther Mott

© 2002, Esther Mott.

The WRG at the Watertown Public Library
L to R: Gene Whitney, Marion Martin, Eugenia Harrison, Lyn Legere, Partha Buell, Bob Mott, Jan Whitaker, Mike Poston, Karl Schwerin, Robert C. Whitney, Ron Kyser, Carolyn Mitchell, Janet Duffield, Robert Ward, Victoria Harrell, Carolyn Branagan, the back of ???. Not pictured: Esther Mott, the photographer.

From Phyllis House

© 2002, Phyllis House.

The front entrance of the Sheraton Lexington Hotel, Lexington, MA.
Carolyn and Lyn welcome the group.
WRG members arrive at Watertown Library.
The WRG assembled outside Watertown Library.
At Mt. Auburn Cemetery.
Victoria Harrell and Janet Duffield at Scenic Area overlooking pond at cemetery.
Lyn Legere gives Janet and Victoria directions back to Lexington.
Victoria Harrell, Janet Duffield, Phyllis House.

From Robert Ward

© 2002, Robert L. Ward.

Jan Whitaker
Allan and Ginny Green
Carolyn Branagan (and Mike Poston)
Lyn Legere (and Jim House)
Mike Poston (and Victoria Harrell)
Whitney Hill, from Orchard Street, Watertown
Whitney Hill, from Orchard Street, Watertown
Ken Whitney Speaking (Larry Tracy and Nancy Metelski seated)

Copyright © 2001, 2002, 2006 The Whitney Research Group

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