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How can we work together to develop the WRG standard Family format?

Robert, Andaleen, and anyone else who would like to jump in and help on the Family Group Record pages:

One of the best features of this new website is the ability for all of us to come together to create pages for different Whitney families and to link those outlines back to the source documents. As more people come on board, it will be vital for us to have a standard that everyone can work towards when generating these pages. At this point in the development of this site, I think it's important that we add family outlines not with the goal of getting as much information on the site as we can, but with the goal of adding families to help us to develop what that standard format will be. Sure, I've been having fun adding outlines for families in my lineage. I find it amazing how putting an outline together can really make you think about the history of that family and really ties it all together. And besides - it's fun! However, I need to do better at taking the learnings I gather on what is easier to edit, what is more readable, etc. and giving that information back to the group so that others can follow the same format. I propose that we use this page to gather that information, to talk about things we've changed in the template or things that we think might need changing, and the attached article to record the style guidelines and template format. Thoughts?

- Tim Doyle 07:46, 2 February 2006 (CST)


We currently have a Start a new page page which allows family outlines to be started with a template. I propose that we might need two templates - an advanced template for users who know what they're doing, and a beginners template. This easy to use template would add in just the basics and would help to get people up to speed without causing them to run away in fear of the advanced template. We could even 'tag' pages created with this method so more advanced users could go in later and bring them up to the more advanced level.

- Tim Doyle 08:05, 2 February 2006 (CST)

Family Group Record Template

Need to add place in template for when and where married.

You already have a path way to the father via the Subjectx (Fatherx... Why include it again with the son of or dau of ??? I can envision the possibility in future that someone may want to create a link to the mother's page independant of the father (especially in case where both parents descended from different Whitney's)

- Andaleen

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