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My Whitney Line

link here is tentative

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Hello, my name is Anna Judd Carr. My mother was Polly Lacy Judd. born in Elkton, KY Todd County (6/17/1927-11/12/2009) Her mother was Myra Brigid Whitney whose father was Zill Whitney from Mulenburg County, Ky. Myra married William Henry Lacy.

I noticed as I read a passage about the Whitney family line that I am related to, my grandmother, Myra Whitney Lacy, was "lost". I am happy to report that you can find all this information about her, her husband, and children on my "Judd" page on My mother married Edward P. Judd. My mother is one of 7 children. Only one is surviving, Ida M. Lacy Pentecost.

Please contact me if you would like for me to personally supply all the information I have for Myra. Thank you, Ann


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