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My Whitney Line

Edit My Whitney Line

I have been using the WRG since its early beginnings. I have personally met Alan Green and his lovely wife when they visited SLC several years ago. I am 73 years old and relatively active in the genealogy realm. I consider myself to be fairly knowledgable in genealogy. Nowhere near the expertise of Tim Doyle or Jon Aston and some of the others who frequent this site regularly.

I have been to England and visited a cousin there near Herefordshire. I think Ken Whitney, but not sure.

I am a US Army retiree of 22.5 years.

I love to ski, ride motorcycles (touring). We (my wife and I) currently ride a GL1800 GoldWing and are members of The Temple Riders Association (TRA) We are members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Have served missions at home, in Santa Rosa 1998-2000, CA and in Hamilton, New Zealand 2004-2005.

I have lately been involved in Indexing. Actually extracting or copying hand written data from census records, at one time thought to take a hundred years. Now, because of this program, it will take 5 years. Awesome, eh?

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