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My Whitney Line

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My father was Irving Frank Whitney eas born in Oneonta, NY 20 Apr 1899 - D 26 Jan 1983 in Clearwater, Fl He married Margaret Ruth Jones on 30 Jun 1926 in Holland Patent, NY. They lived in Oneonta, NY until retirement in 1966 and had 3 children. Marilyn Ida (Married Harold Crumb 22 Dec 1951) 17 May 1938 is still living in Morris NY. Roger Whitney B 15 Sep 1929 D 16 Sep 1938 of heart disease. Betty Jane Whitney Ratcliffe was born 23 Jun 1940 married in Philadelphia, Pa 26 Apr 1969 and currently live in Indian Land, SC.

My grandfather was Austin Frank Whitney born 31 Aug 1863 in Gullips Mills, VT. He was married 1st to Ella Stanley Charlton 30 Jun 1998(B 29 Jun 1873 of Lawrencetown,NS) D Oneonta, NY feb 1922) and Pearl Schermerhorn (B 21 Apr, 1892-D 21 Feb, 1965)Married to Austin 25 Sept 1926.

Austin Franks parents were Henry Asa 1822-1880 and Lizzie Stewart B 1 Nov 1833. Henry Died in Oneonta, NY 21 Dec 1900.

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