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J W.png This WRG Member is a Descendant of the immigrant John Whitney.

My Whitney Line

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Due to a COPD disability and no longer working, genealogy became an ideal hobby to absorb some of the many hours that are idle during the day. You will find that my ancestry includes the Tiffany lineage on my fathers side. It is interesting to see that they originated from the same area in Hereford England and 300 years later they again connected. My Grandmother - Ella Frances Reed Wright was also a hobbyist in genealogy and published a book on the Tiffany's. You will find that this book is consolidated and a part of my family tree. (It is nice to see how the tree branches over time )

I am currently expanding my tree on both MyHeritage and Ancestry networks - to include the other Whitney Families up to the early 1900's.Italic text If you sit down and browse the siblings of my ancestry - there are many large families and from prominence or political backgrounds. The challenges in verifying or providing supporting proof is the aspect of the hobby I enjoy! I have seen many public tree's on both networks that contains faulty and misleading facts: wrong spouse/s, births and death dates discrepancies, children born before parents, etc. It is hard to believe the owners of these tree's accomplishes nothing by merging files without confirming the data!

Both tree's are private, however, a relation or specific requests (WRG Member seeking info) will always get access!

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