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My Whitney Line
  • William A (?) Whitney, born c. 1820, MA. Died 1 Sept. 1870 Kalamazoo MI. m. (1) Sarah A. Titus c. 1850
  • Jennie Whitney Crandall born 6 Oct. 1863, Kalamazoo, MI. Died 21 March 1958, Kalamazoo, MI. m. (1) Alva Crandall 31 July 1883.

Edit My Whitney Line

I'm a beginner at researching our family line and got started because my mother, at the age of 87, expressed an interest in her side of the family about which she knew very little. My William Whitney family produced my great grandmother Jennie (looks like Hyaenia on the 1870 US Census). I'm pretty confident about information gathered from 1860 on because between my mother's memory and a few notes left by my grandmother, copies of some marriage, death, and cemetery records, and census reports, enough particulars fit into place.

I've found the family in the 1860 and 1870 US Census in Kalamazoo, MI. William died in 1870, but the family stayed in MI. I just can't find anything prior to that. The only other piece of information I have is that his wife Sarah A Titus, when she remarried, indicated she was born in Berkshire MA, so have been trying to use that as a jumping off point, hoping he lived near by.

I know William Whitney was born in MA, but know nothing of other family member names (his father, mother, siblings) or specific places in the MA/CT area where his family might have been, so I can't seem to find anything that looks like my Wm. Whitney in the 1850 US Census.

Anyway, I'd like to find a bit more about the family as mom is now 89! and still hopeful of success. I'm in Central Virginia, trying to vegetable garden in the middle of the woods, and can be reached at

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