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My Whitney Line
  • Thomas J. Whitney, m. Ursula Blackington
  • Julius E. Whitney, m. Emily -----
  • Ross Alvin Whitney, m. Antonie Breede
  • Ross Alvin Whitney, Jr., m. ----- -----
  • Cole Taylor Whitney

Edit My Whitney Line

I am Cole Taylor Whitney, son of Ross Alvin Whitney, Jr., son of Ross Alvin Whitney of Kasson, Minnesota, born March 9, 1896.

I currently live at 15022 Springwood Drive, Frisco, TX 75035

I was born in Evanston, Illinois on January 16, 1961 and moved to the Dallas, TX area after marrying my wife of 17 years, Catherine Penland Whitney. We live in Frisco, TX now with a son (15) and daughter (12).

My father, Ross Alvin Whitney, Jr. was born in Chicago, Illinois to Antonie Breede, Whitney, on July 22, 1925. He had two son's from a prior marriage and two daughters. A tribute to him and men of his generation can be found at:

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