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My Whitney Line

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I began trying to find my mother's mom's information for her as Lola died when my mother was only 5 years old. There has never been anyone around for the most part that could answer any questions for her after all these years. Sadly enough there is only a few census reports to show that she lived at all. Even in death she remained obscure. Fortunatley some dear person transcribed a funeral home burial records, that is the only thing I have for her death even though it was in 1936. No death cert has been found. I did know she was buried in an unmarked grave in Land o Lakes Floirda, formerly Drexel Florida. She had a brief life, had 5 girls in 6 years, had tuberculosis and died at the age of 29. After this journey I wanted to know why there was not grandparents to help her with the kids and why was there members of her family, (children) living with them at a time when she was unable to care for her own kids. I finally found some of the family members who gave me some names and the search was on. I finally located the dates of death on her parents, Elvin and Rosetta. Sadly again, Elvin had died of tuberculosis also and Rosie had died some 10 years before Lola, thus the need for someone to care for their children had befallen Lola. Finding the Whitney Research Group has been such a blessing. I was sure that there was incorrect information here, everything I had showed Elvin being a twin but born in Tennessee. I finally obtained his death cert and behold he was born in Georgia, so most of what was here was correct. I hope I have added to the research with all the family names and what I have found. Thanks W R G ! I can be contacted at

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