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J W.png This WRG Member is a Descendant of the immigrant John Whitney.

My Whitney Line

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I live in Camarillo, CA, and am a retired UCLA Assistant Vice Chancellor. I have been doing genealogy for about 35 years. I had made my connection to the Whitneys back in 1979 and had not done much with it since. Recently, while working on one of my wife's lines, I found that she also descends from John and Elinor Whitney (through their son, John, by way of Martha Whitney who married Timothy Mosman). So she and I were 10th cousins once removed when we were married and my poor daughter is her own 11th cousin once removed.

I have information and photos for my branch of the Whitneys, descending from Charles Field Whitney of Mineral Ridge, Ohio.

             Don Dyson Worth
             Valencia, CA
             My Personal Webpage
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