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J W.png This WRG Member is a Descendant of the immigrant John Whitney.

My Whitney Line

Edit My Whitney Line

I first corresponded with Robert Ward on 5/17/98, having learned about (from Lewis Wood on 3/21/98).

I descend from two sons of John and Elinor Whitney.

Beginning in 1998 my wife and I had a Bed and Breakfast in Shelburne MA; then in 2006 we moved to Asheville NC.

In addition to my own ancestry, I am interested in the genealogy of all families (past and present) of Shelburne MA.

Deane Whitney Merrill Jr. b.1938

96 Beverly Road

Asheville NC 28805 (my genealogy) (former B&B in Shelburne MA) (genealogy of Shelburne MA) (my Whitney ancestry)

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