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J W.png This WRG Member is a Descendant of the immigrant John Whitney.

My Whitney Line

  • ThomasA Whitney, m. Mary Bray
  • John1 Whitney, m. Elinor (-----)
  • John2 Whitney, m. Ruth Reynolds
  • Nathaniel3 Whitney, m. Sarah Hagar
  • William4 Whitney, m. Martha Pierce
  • Samuel5 Whitney, m. Abigail Fletcher
  • Abner6 Whitney, m. Elizabeth Glazier
  • Levi7 Whitney, m. Rebecca Warren
  • Levi Warren8 Whitney, m. Martha Bohanan
  • Adelbert A.9 Whitney, m. Harriett "Hattie" M.Spencer
  • James Roland10 Whitney, m. Hazel Deetta Johnson
  • Norman Charles11 Whitney, m. Frances Eugenia Larson
  • Living12 Whitney, m. Living Fitzgibbons
  • Daughter in law13 Whitney, m. my son Driscoll

Edit My Whitney Line

I am not a Whitney descendant, but my daughter in law is. I became interested in researching the Whitney's when I wanted to make her a Family Heritage Scrapbook for Christmas a couple of years ago. Online I found a cousin of hers who had already done a little research on the family and between the two of us and the internet we were able to find out quite a bit about her line of Whitneys.

Levi Warren Whitney left MASS and went to Oswego Co. NY where they stayed. There are many Whitney's in Oswego Co. and we have not figured out the relationship between them all (if there is a relationship between them). If anyone would like to help in trying to clarify these families, we would be happy to share with you.

We have Adelbert Whitney's Civil War record and verification that he was the second Park Ranger/Commissioner for Itasca State Park in Minnesota. He later went to North Dakota and from there the family went to Canada where they stayed until after Adelbert's death. He died in Saskatchewan but is buried in the family plot in MN.

The family eventually left Canada and returned to the US settling in Washington State.

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