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My Whitney Line
  • Thomas Whitney, m (1) Margret
  • Charles Whitney, m. (1) Arenna
  • Thomas G. Whitney, m. (1) Annie
  • Dennis Whitney, m. (1) Lilian
  • Wesley T. Whitney, m. (1) Evelyn Sandlin
  • Thomas L. Whitney, m. (1) Callie Harvey
  • Osceola Whitney

Edit My Whitney Line

Osceola Whitney is of African-American ancestry from NC. His Whitney lineage can be traced back to Hyde County, NC to African-Americans listed in the 1870 US Census. His main interests at the WRG is for help identifying the lineage of the Sarah Whitney/Witney of Hyde County, NC that is listed in the 1786 and 1790 US census. If anyone else shares this interest and has information thereof please feel free to contact him.

His theory about Sarah Whitney's lineage follows as such:

Sarah Whitney of 1790 Hyde Co was so by marriage? to Josiah Whitney of 1790 Sampson Co. Neither have known spouses, both have only two sons with names unknown, born around the same time.

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