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Parentage Unknown


Do we really want to mark all documents relating to people of unknown parentage as "Category:Parentage Unknown"? I was envisioning that we'd use that category for people and not for records. If we go this route, that could potentially be a lot of records to keep track of and remove that category for when the identification was finally made. Perhaps I'm missing something.

- Tim Doyle - Talk to me 15:41, 6 January 2007 (CST)



No problem at all! I'm actually surprised at how often we see eye to eye on the direction of the site, or are at least open to discussing what the best direction is on things. I think we make a great team here. I was surprised when you rolled back my change and wondered what you saw that I didn't. It all makes sense now though.

- Tim Doyle - Talk to me 16:03, 6 January 2007 (CST)

Small maintenance issue


I wanted to fill you in on a small maintenance issue that I do that you are not aware of. I've noticed that you have been patrolling edits on the site, and that's a good thing - I very much appreciate that!

When I patrol, there is one additional thing that needs to be done. When a new user logs in for the first time, a user page, a talk page, and a lineage page are all created automatically. A bug in that software causes all three to inherit the categories of the last one made. Since the last one made is the user page, the other two get marked with "Category:WRG Members" inappropriately. This causes them to be listed on the main page under the new users listing. We've tried to fix this, but it's a big headache, so we're living with it for now.

To fix this, whenever a new user logs in and I patrol the edits of their new talk and lineage pages, I simply click edit and save. Nothing is really saved to the history, no changes are saved at all, but the system re-evaluates the categories on the page and everything is as it should be.

If you think of this as you're patrolling, great. If not, I can come behind you and do this myself.


- Tim Doyle - Talk to me 13:01, 7 January 2007 (CST)

DNA test

new member stephen whitney here from fort lauderdale. my family journeyed to whitney-on-wye in 2004 and met with the current owner's father of our (John and Elinor's alleged)lands and buildings, including the remaining sections of the original whitney manor next to the river wye.

because of the apparent gap/? in john of watertown's father's connection to sir robert, etc.: has anyone tried DNA testing from watertown whitneys to the english descendents to help confirm or deny?

charles b. and george b.

forgot to mention: my grandfather was a charles b. whitney and he had a son named george b. whitney!

Welcome Back!

Welcome back Robert! I left a few items on the Recent Changes page that I thought you might want to review, but cleared the rest off. I hope all went well. I am still waiting for the documents!

- Tim Doyle - Talk to me 13:21, 26 January 2007 (CST)


Hi, Just read your message and can give you the following information. Malinda or Melinda as she is sometimes referred to was born 1819 (daughter of Asa Packard and Eleanor Bradbury)and married Freeman Whitney 08 May 1871. She was born Malinda A Packard and first married Samuel Reuben Rich abt 1849. Their son Llewellyn Ambrose Rich was born 1850. Following a celebrated divorce in 1854, which she won together with custody of Lew (although he husband had brought the divorce charges) she remained with her 2nd husband Joshua Trafton whom she had married in 1852, believing Reuben to have been lost at sea. Lew took Joshua's name although I'm not sure if he actually adopted him. Joshua died a couple of years later and Malinda later married Freeman Whitney. Lew moved to Kansas where his adopted uncle Rev Newell Trafton was and later married Barbara A Ford. They were my husband's maternal great grandparents. Malinda is shown on the 1880 census widowed and working in the household of an Alfred Noyes in Maine. I can give you more details if you are interested. My late husband was from Colorado and I now live back in England but have continued the research for my son and granddaughters. My email is if you wish to contact me direct. Best wishes with your search. Carol

Elizabeth Nelson's user page


I agree - this is bothering me as well. You said that you don't want this false material on the website, but in actuality, we have it in several places in the archives. If she's just a researcher who found us and hasn't been a part of the WRG group, she may not know who you are and the authority of your words on this subject. For all she knows, you are just another person on the web. Perhaps another note to her with both of our names and "titles" of Whitney Research Group Co-Hosts would be a bit more effective. In that note, we can mention that if she keeps that information on her page, we'll be adding a big red notice that the page contains information which is known to be false.

- Tim Doyle - Talk to me 10:55, 7 February 2007 (CST)

New Buttons


Take a look at any Wikipedia article and edit it, such as this:

Note the edit buttons at the top - they now have buttons for superscripting, subscripting, tables, strikethrough, blockquote, etc. Would these be of use?

- Tim Doyle - Talk to me 16:31, 9 February 2007 (CST)


Yes, I've just asked that the math and media buttons be removed on the other wiki I work on. I'll probably do the same here soon.

- Tim Doyle - Talk to me 19:24, 9 February 2007 (CST)

Computer Crash

Sorry to hear that Robert! I hope you get up and running soon. Still waiting on the manuscripts. I rush to the mailbox daily, only to be disappointed yet again. Rest assured that you'll know as soon as they get here!

- Tim Doyle - Talk to me 12:48, 13 February 2007 (CST)

The Return

Welcome back! Congratulations on getting all or most of your data back as well! That's excellent! I've been doing a heavy amount of work on my work wiki, and haven't been here as much recently. Also, I'll be in California all next week for a work conference, but will be connected.

- Tim Doyle - Talk to me 13:51, 14 February 2007 (CST)



Excellent progress on the Family Group Pages!

As far as Andaleen adding pre tags, I don't think I particularly like this either, though I haven't found the time to sit down and thoroughly examine where we're at, what she's doing, and what direction we should head.

Also, I sent a query to ask about the documents we ordered and why we haven't received them yet.

- Tim Doyle - Talk to me 12:24, 25 February 2007 (CST)

Abaham Whitney - 25 April 1779/1773


I think you have edited the Abner Whitney page. Did you notice that both of the Abrahams have the same birthdate? This seems a little unlikely to me.

I left a discussion note as I don't know how these questions are addressed here. I just signed into today and have not yet put my full Whitney connection. I do go back to Abraham though so this is of interest to me.


Jinny Virginia Barber Angelis

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