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See Archive:Patterson, David Williams (1824-1892). I just spoke with a librarian at the CHS and they do indeed still contain Patterson's collection. She is now checking on the Benjamin Whitney manuscript. Note the other Whitney manuscripts that were in his collection.

- Tim Doyle - Talk to me 12:02, 5 January 2010 (CST)

I have a WHITNEY, William, m. Sarah -----, question too!

I have a dangling William & Sarah Whitney in my family tree too, but I have a couple of census(es?) with the children as Hattie (though my family records refer to her as Harriet(she was my 2nd great grandmother)), Josephine & William.

A couple of years ago, I had a conversation with Tim and this was the note he sent me:

"From the census records you provided, it appears that you are descended from William Whitney who was born about 1819 in Massachusetts. The 1850 census in Columbus, OH shows him age 30, the 1860 census of Dayton, OH shows him age 41, and the 1870 census of Indianapolis, IN shows him age 52. I found his widow in 1880, so he died sometime between 1870-1880.

Keep in mind that his marriage record shows that he was listed as "William Whitney, Jr.". I searched for other Whitneys in 1850 and found one, a "Wm Whitney", age 50, laborer, b. Mass. He was living just 6 pages away from your William. I suspect that he could have been your William's father.

You stated on Family Talk:Whitney, Elisha (1747-1815) that you think that your William's father was Elisha Whitney (1747-1815). However, this man's son William was born 17 Jun 1788 and is listed as having died unmarried. Because of the date discrepancy, I cannot see how this could be your William's father. This Elisha did have a son Elisha (1780-1823) who also had a son named William, but he was b. 25 Jan 1810 and is also listed as having died unmarried. "

The funny thing is that I found William and Sarah, but my grandmother's records have "Eliza?" listed as Harriet's mother, only dragging me back to the whole Elisha/William/Elisha/William mystery.

Does any of this sound any alarms with you or match any of your loose ends? Any help would be appreciated!

Thanks, Gwendolyn

Rlward: My mother Dot Whitney

Robert, God bless you. I never knew anything about my mother. I barely remember her. You have given me a great gift with this information. I now know my grandmother was LULU and my grandfather was Fred, I never knew that. Now I can at least feel like I had people attached to me instead of a void. Mary

Ebenezer Whitney


You asked Ken about the discrepancy of his statement vs. the fact that Ebenezer d. 1801, West Indies. Look closer at that page - after he d., another Ebenezer was b. 1803.

- Tim Doyle - Talk to me 09:07, 28 February 2010 (CST)

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