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Elijah Whitneys


I think I may have made a connection, but I need your opinion and assistance.

According to Phoenix, Family:Whitney, Elijah (1736-a1770) settled Danbury, CT after his marriage, and had a daughter Hannah Whitney. There was also a Hannah Whitney who m. (1) ----- Bass and m. (2) Elijah Whitney. Phoenix thinks this Hannah was the daughter, and doesn't offer any explanation into who this Elijah Whitney was. This Elijah and Hannah supposedly moved to New York and then to Canada.

I am wondering if perhaps Phoenix got things confused. Perhaps it was the father, Elijah, who m. (2) Hannah (Whitney)(Bass) - and not the daughter. If this Elijah did have a 2nd wife named Hannah, it would be a close match to that of Family:Whitney, Elijah (s1740-a1760). This man resided Columbia Co., NY and then went to Canada. Making the identification even greater is that, in reviewing his son Seth's Revolutionary War pension extract, it appears that Seth was supposedly b. Danbury, CT in 1759.

Note that this all ties in to the Bible record posted by Jeanne Muse back in 2002. This record states that the family was founded by Elijah and Hannah Whitney who moved to Canada. Their son Samuel settled Delhi, NY, and had a brother named Seth. This is when I found the pension record for Seth Whitney of Delhi, which listed his birthplace, tying all of the records together.

- Tim Doyle - Talk to me 03:23, 19 July 2010 (UTC)

Elijah Whitneys, pt. 2


Thank you for your reply. I've found some additional information which complicates the issue.

It appears that there was a ----- Whitney who m. Rebecca -----. They had children Hannah, Elijah, and Seth. The father died and widow Rebecca m. (2) John Boughton of Danbury, who left a will dated 1756. This couple had ch. Rebecca Boughton, b. ca. 1746, John Boughton, and James Boughton. See this and that.

I also noticed this footnote in Phoenix: "Elijah Whitney, of Danbury, relation not stated, was appointed, 3 Dec. 1760, as administrator of the estate of Seth Whitney, "late of Danbury, deceased." The inventory, dated 16 Dec. 1760, amounted to £7 2s., and indicates that Seth Whitney was an unmarried man." This couldn't have been the Seth Whitney that I have been tracking, as this man was alive until after 1840.

So it appears that we have a couple generations of unidentified Whitneys in Danbury, with the names Elijah and Seth.

- Tim Doyle - Talk to me 12:58, 19 July 2010 (UTC)

Ardelia Whitney

Thank you soooooo much for the info you provided. It is truly appreciated. I did have the 1870 & 1880 Census info for her. You are correct she died before the 1900 census. Date of death, 1885 with burial in Mountain Grove Cemetery in Bridgepost, CT. Husband, Thomas, who died in 1880 is also buried there. Neither have grave markers.

I also have a copy of their marriage certificate. Unformatunately, no parental names are listed on it.

I have been totally unable to find any info on her prior life. Your sleuthing about the Ethelinda connection is wonderful. I'll continue along that line.

I must go now but would like to continue this conversation later. Thanks again. Gail

art whitney

Hi, my name is kathy, my grandfather was art whitney, his father was Fred Calvin Whitney his mother was Lizzie Belle Vincent. My grandfather brother were Robert, Russell, Herb, they all live in or around the Brandon, Salsibury ( spell Wrong).

Thank You Kathy

Jeanne says hello!

Hello Robert!

Just touching base. I have joined the WRG Wiki .. finally. I haven't been working on genealogy at all since 2003. Seven years .. my how time flies!

Hope you are doing well!

Jeanne Muse

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