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My Whitney Line
  • Asa Whitney, m. Julia Quick
  • Stephen Morey Whitney, m. Abby Garner
  • Charles Stephen Whitney, m. Nellie Patience Monroe
  • Asa Jerome Whitney
  • Warren Asa Whitney
  • Susan Marie Whitney, m. David Pianka

Edit My Whitney Line

Hi! I'm Susan (Whitney) Pianka, and I'm researching my Whitney ancestors; actually helping my aunt who's been doing this for years... We are stuck at Asa, but have what we believe to be a plausible theory after many dead ends in other Whitney lines, and hope someone out there can help us. Asa Whitney, b. 1804 in New York is living down the street from an Ebenezer Whitney. We've searched the 1810, 1820, 1830, and 1850 censuses, and the ages of the household members seem to fit that Asa is Ebenezer's son. We See that Ezekial Whitney, b. 1729 in Pomfret Ct had sons Ezekiel, b. 1758, Asa, b 1763, and Ebenezer b. 1767, and the Pierce book "The Descendents of John Whitney..." mentions that members in his family went to western Connecticut. The Amenia, New York area of our known ancestor had trading back and forth with the Kent/Sharon/Cornwall area of Ct, and we think these are one and the same people. If you have any information about these Whitneys we would appreciate hearing from you.

Thank you, Sue

 Asa Whitney b 1804 New York, d. 1863 Amenia, New York
  Stephen Morey Whitney b. 1829 Pleasant Valley, New York, d. 1905 West Cornwall, CT
     Charles Stephen Whitney, b 25 Aug 1865, d. 25 Feb 1938 West Cornwall, CT
        Asa Jerome Whitney b. 14 Jan 1889, d. 7 Jul 1947
           Warren Asa Whitney, b. 12 Nov 1926
              Susan Marie Whitney b, 14 Oct 1953, m. David Pianka 1976
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