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J W.png This WRG Member is a Descendant of the immigrant John Whitney.

My Whitney Line

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Welcome, My name is Sara Whitney Dahl-Madsen and I started my genealogy research in 1986. My Grandmother is Adella Mildred Whitney b.1882, Prescott, Ontario, Canada -d. 1965, Bridgeport, CT, and was the daughter of James Henry Whitney b. June 10,1851 to Calvin and Caroline Whitney in Prescott, Ontario, Canada (Wesleyan Methodist Baptismal Registers, Grenville County, 1836-1901). James Henry was a successful machinist who had a talent for building the engines in large boats. He was drowned while on a final test run when the boat was swallowed up in the rapids on the St. Lawrence River. From the newspaper reports, James Henry dropped off his family of 4 daughters and wife(Annah Mary Lane)on an island in the river before continuing on through the rapids. He was waving back at his family when the boat disappeared with two other close friends aboard.

During the Revolutionary War, half of our branch of David Whitney's & siblings [David5 Whitney (Matthias4, Cornelius3, Joshua2, John1), son of Matthias4 and Alice (Robbins) Whitney, was born 3 May 1764 Killingly, CT, and died Mar 1830, Augusta Township, Grenville County, ON]emigrated to Canada and served as United Empire Loyalists.

An excerpt from: Wesleyan Methodist Baptismal Registers, Grenville County 1836-1901

James Henry Whitney 1852-1901 (Calvin6,David5,Matthias4,Cornelius3,Joshua2,John1) of Prescott, Ontario, Canada
James Henry 1852-1901,left,& wife,Annah Mary Lane 1852-1932,standing
Adella Whitney 1882-1965, daughter of James Henry Whitney
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