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My Whitney Line

First line:

  • John Whitney, m. Rachel Gilson (see below)
  • Martin Luther Whitney, m. Mary R. Pollard
  • George Benjamin Whitney, m. Susan Elizabeth Webster
  • Louisa Jane Whitney, m. Alonzo Fall
  • Bernice L. Fall, m. Grant Jasper
  • Robert Avery Jasper, m.(2) Reita Ann Newton
  • Shawn Newton Jasper

Second line:

Edit My Whitney Line

My name is Shawn Newton Jasper, I have been interested in my Whitney line since I was about 12 or so(nearly 40 years ago). My grand-mother, Bernice L.(Fall)Jasper, gave me a few items at about that time. Among those items was the civil war regiment pin belonging to her grand-father, George Benjamin Whitney. She also gave me a button from his uniform and two from his Lowell Fire Department uniform. Since that time I have learned much about George, pictures that we have were included in the history of the Lowell Fire Department, written by Lt. Jason Strunk. Included in the pictures we have of George is a tin type, taken during the civil war. We also have several of him during his time with the fire department.

George's father was Martin Luther Whitney, he married young and his daughter died in infancy. Martin caught gold fever and left his young wife and son and headed for California where he died in 1849. George was then left by his mother in the care of his paternal grand-parents,John and Jane (Gilson)Whitney who raised him as their own. Although John's Whitney line is my brick wall, I can trace my line back to John and Elinor, through Jane Gilson.

I am greatful to have George's Family Bible, which has information which pre-dates him. The bible was used for nearly 90 years. I am always interested in corresponding with long lost cousins, no matter how distant.

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