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H W.png This user is a Descendant of the immigrant Henry Whitney.

My Whitney Line

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My name is Linda Bowland. My mother is Charlotte Whitney-Goodine. I have read many letters that were sent from my great grandfather's siblings. My great grandfather was Joseph Parry Whitney, son of Henry Whitney (although illegitimate), we had many letters passed down through the family of their communications. Letters from Samuel, William, Henry, etc., I believe. We also have many pictures of Whitneys although we don't know who most of them are. They are very old pictures. We also have old mining bonds purchased by a Whitney. We also have a Whitney Bible. We had a Whitney gun that was sent from the U.S. to the Whitneys. A silver pistol of sort. I am very interested in getting more information about the Whitneys and adding what I have.

I should of added my Grandmother was Cora Lillian-Mannett Whitney she was married to Medly J. Whitney. His father was Joseph Parry Whitney. Josephs father was Henry Whitney (born Oct 24, 1812). Henry was father I believe was Henrys. Henrys father was Charles I believe etc.

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