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Family Groups


Great, well done, and about time. I was starting to worry that it was never going to get done if it depended on me doing 2-10 per week which is about all I've been able to do recently do to work load and some family obligations. I'm on vacation till week of July 9th and will review more then.

Mass Edits


Prime candidates for mass edits using the bot would be the following sections of Pierce Conversion Project:

As I progress through the sewing, if I find more, I'll put them in those sections.

Also, I notice that Andaleen has put the generation numbers in lineages outside the links. The bot should replace all instances of"]]<sup>1</sup>" with "<sup>1</sup>]]", and likewise for generations 2, 3, and 4. Similarly, in her lists of children, she has used " Surname''']]<sup>X</sup>" instead of "<sup>X</sup> Surname''']]", and " Surname'''<sup>X</sup>" instead of "<sup>X</sup> Surname'''", where X is a generation number digit and Surname is a string of letters.

On all the Family: pages you could replace "the Whitney Research Group" and/or "The Whitney Research Group" with "the [[Whitney Research Group]]"

- Robert - Talk to me 10:47, 4 July 2006 (CDT)



I've discovered a new source of annoyance! There are many numbers in Pierce ending in " 1/2". I found 21 of these, of which only one is carried forward: 4814 1/2, Eprhaim Whitney. Of course he wasn't caught as the beginning of a family group, nor as a child in his father's family. The other 20 weren't caught as children in their father's family, either. I also found one number ending in " 1/4"! There are also Roman number child ordinals of the form "vii 1/2." I suppose that's to squeeze them in between vii and viii. I found 7 of those. I'll try to check them all out myself.

- Robert - Talk to me 10:10, 6 July 2006 (CDT)

Comment Line


Isn't the removal of the comment line a perfect use of the bot?

- Robert - Talk to me 10:19, 6 July 2006 (CDT)

Location Categories


While you are at it, keep a list of locations which weren't found in the geographic index but were in the import, along with the page numbers where found. We may have to deal with these on an individual basis. That way we can find two- or three-word locations, like Cottage City, Massachusetts, or Fond du Lac, Wisconsin.

In any case, don't start until we have all the issues from the Pierce Conversion Project done. We may be creating new pages or changing the names of pages during that process.

- Robert - Talk to me 10:35, 6 July 2006 (CDT)

Census Indexes Versus Census Records


I had an idea that the census indexes should be separate from the census record transcripts. This isn't so on the 1790 pages, for example, with the data included directly in the index. This is mandatory for 1850 and beyond, and for the sake of consistency, probably should be so for the earlier years, too. Then we can put anchors at each family group, and make links from the Family Group Records to the records themselves, rather than to the indexes, and from the indexes to the records themselves, as you've done with the 1880 census records. Also reverse links from the records and the indexes back to the Family Group Records can be made.

- Robert - Talk to me 11:05, 6 July 2006 (CDT)

Location Categories, II


Another approach would be:

  • Scan the Special:Categories page, finding ones which seem to be syntactically ill-formed.
  • Use the geographical index to find ones which may be multiple-word names, and ones which may be misspelled (such as Action, Massachusetts), that don't appear in the index.
  • Invalid categories will have to be resolved individually and manually. A list of these categories could be put on the Pierce Conversion Project page to be dealt with by us.
  • Deal with possible ambiguities in valid category names (such as Braintree versus New Braintree, Massachusetts), again using the geographical index. This may require a scan of the pages for such a category to determine which of the possibilities apply to each page.
  • For each category with a missing county, use the geographical index to find the county name.
  • Go to each of those category pages, and pick up the names of the pages using that category. That will give you a list of the edits that need to be done for that category.
  • Collect and sort the lists of those edits, creating a master list sorted by page name.
  • Invoke the bot to make all the edits.

- Robert - Talk to me 06:47, 7 July 2006 (CDT)

Abbreviations and Poston


Here are a few I noticed:

  • unm. --> unmarried (may be end of sentence, too)
  • No. --> North
  • So. --> South
  • Theo. --> Theodore
  • U. South America --> United States Army (or U. S. A., as you prefer)

I did notice Mike Poston's work. Perhaps you could get him to improve the page for Jabez's father, Phineas, about whom he knows far more that Pierce knew. In the process, he might learn the syntax we use. Then he should add pages for the other descendants of Phineas.

- Robert - Talk to me 10:28, 7 July 2006 (CDT)

Changes Complete?


I've finished everything I know how to do on Pierce Conversion Project. Hooray! I also found all the family groups with two children on the same line, and fixed them, too. Is there anything else to do besides the minor issues and first five generations, or are we actually done?

- Robert - Talk to me 21:20, 7 July 2006 (CDT)

Pierce Places


Should I make any corrections there, or just tell you about them?

- Robert - Talk to me 09:45, 9 July 2006 (CDT)

Canadian Counties?


I can supply county names for places in Canada. Do we want to do that, or is the province name enough? I notice that some places have them, others don't.

- Robert - Talk to me 09:49, 9 July 2006 (CDT)

John Whitney of Gorsington


All you have written is stuff I already was aware of. I agree with everything you said with one exception. I haven't found a credible source for the existence of John Whitney, second son of Robert and Alice (Vaughan) Whitney of Whitney. It was in Carolyn Winch's database, without a source. That makes it somewhat suspect. Certainly there is nothing in Melville to support it. I put it on Robert's page anyway, with hopes that someone could turn up a source.

There are quite a few other places where I can't confirm what was in that database, too. Who knows where she got her information?! Possibly the LDS web site <gr-r-r-r-r>.

- Robert - Talk to me 13:58, 9 July 2006 (CDT)

Royal Ancestry of Whitney of Clifford


I found the following line:

  1. Edward III, King of England (1312-1377), m. Philippe of Hainault (1311-1369)
  2. John of Gaunt (1340-1399), m. Katherine Roet (c1350-1403)
  3. Henry Beaufort (c1375-1477), had mistress Alice FitzAlan (b1382-b1415)
  4. Joan Beaufort (c1403-c1453), m. Sir Edward Stradling (c1389-1453)
  5. Sir Henry Stradling (c1424-a1477), m. Elizabeth Herbert (c1427-?)
  6. Jane Stradling (?-?), m. Henry Parry (?-?)
  7. Miles Parry (?-?), m. Alice Milbourne (?-?)
  8. Sybil Parry (?-?), m. James Whitney of Clifford (s1520-1564)
  9. the later Whitneys of Clifford

Alice FitzAlan was herself a descendant of King Henry III. I haven't pursued this much further. It's possible there are other royal connections.

- Robert - Talk to me 15:15, 9 July 2006 (CDT)

Royal Ancestry of Whitney of Clifford


I found the following line:

  1. Edward III, King of England (1312-1377), m. Philippe of Hainault (1311-1369)
  2. John of Gaunt (1340-1399), m. Katherine Roet (c1350-1403)
  3. Henry Beaufort (c1375-1477), had mistress Alice FitzAlan (b1382-b1415)
  4. Joan Beaufort (c1403-c1453), m. Sir Edward Stradling (c1389-1453)
  5. Sir Henry Stradling (c1424-a1477), m. Elizabeth Herbert (c1427-?)
  6. Jane Stradling (?-?), m. Henry Parry (?-?)
  7. Miles Parry (?-?), m. Alice Milbourne (?-?)
  8. Sybil Parry (?-?), m. James Whitney of Clifford (s1520-1564)
  9. the later Whitneys of Clifford

Alice FitzAlan was herself a descendant of King Henry III. I haven't pursued this much further. It's possible there are other royal connections.

For the Parry family, see Parry Family History.

- Robert - Talk to me 15:16, 9 July 2006 (CDT)

Texas Land Grants

Tim: Thanks for all the good information. This is great I feel like a man who has been stumbling through a dark tunnel and now I can see a light, and it is not a train. I still havent been able to upload the documents yet. I havent been able to get back to the discussion group page where we fist made contact either. as I use this program more I will be better at it I hope. Thanks again for the info. and I have gotten Lois McCoin on line now too. Tex ( Jess)

I am now tring to send 1 of 8 pages of Whitney Texas land grant documents. as I am on dialup it may take sometime. I hope it goes where it needs to go.

I sent 2 pics of the land grant front and back. I dont know if they went thru or not let me know if you get them

these jpg s are large so it may take some time

land records


We finally got the land grant records on line. One is extremely large. Please let me know if I need to reupload it.

I have resent it in a smaller version.

the back page of the land grant has been resent

Thank you

I am not sure if you received my last message so here it is again. I have resent the back page of the land grant for Jason Whitney Republic of Texas Land grant

Hi Tim...I am not savy enough to format by myself. I know I need references. They are packed away in a box. I will get to them. Sharon Barnett

Family Group Record Creation


I tried your form, filled it out completely, and clicked on "Submit". A completely blank white screen came up, and I think the page wasn't created. If you can do it but I can't, perhaps there is a permissions problem. I noticed that the URL of the page ends with "&create=Submit". I suspect you meant "&action=create" or "&action=Submit".

- Robert - Talk to me 11:09, 16 July 2006 (CDT)

Duplicate Numbers


I see at the bottom of page 113 and the top of page 114, there are duplicate numbers 1490-1492. Fortunately, the first set on 113 are not carried forward, while two of the second set on 114 are, so there is no conflict in links, page names, nor anchors. I have removed the spurious links. Another 1895 boo-boo.

- Robert - Talk to me 12:31, 16 July 2006 (CDT)



I tried what you said, and it seems to have worked. Thanks!

Shouldn't the page name start with "Family:"??? When the birth and death dates are blank, shouldn't it supply (?-?) for the year range in the page name?

- Robert - Talk to me 13:47, 16 July 2006 (CDT)

Created Page Names


I understand about cleaning up the submissions, but I think getting the page name right will save a lot of moving of pages to new names. I'm thinking about using it for all the miscellaneous unknown people, where birth and death years are often unknown. I'd have to have to move them all!

- Robert - Talk to me 14:00, 16 July 2006 (CDT)

Still a Problem

Tim: I see the ? defaults. Good work. But now I'm still getting a blank page when I enter a full family group. It may have to do with the length of the URL generated (it's really long!).

- Robert - Talk to me 14:57, 16 July 2006 (CDT)

Thanks gentlemen are amazing!. Thanks for the assistance.




I have some questions. First why do I have to change my password so much this is the 3rd one so far? Second, how can I add family information and records to the site? Third, can I submit records Marriage, Census, etc. to the site? I would like to have them tied to my page if possible, as the land grant page is. and I have the back page of the Land grant on the log page now small enough to work I think.


Isaac Amsden Whitney


Isaac was son of Ami, not brother. I have made corrections to this lineage in two places, on the Image page and on the WRG Photo page. I'm afraid this was my fault, as I created those pages when I imported the Photos directory from the old web site, and I just copied what Denis Adams had posted there (which was wrong). I should have checked the lineages. There could be other problems of the same sort.

Should I (can I?) change the lineage on the old web site?

- Robert - Talk to me 09:07, 18 July 2006 (CDT)

I am sure it is something that I am doing wrong with the password. I must not be saving it or something. I will watch it closer.

As for the family history, I have more pictures of my Great Great Grandmother Mary E. Whitney Who married Thomas Henry Freer I., their marriage license dated 1873, Census Records on the Whitney Family from 1830, death certificates, muster roles for the Mexican American war, Civil War pay vouchers, Land records, and other materials.

I believe the only way to preserve Family History is to share it. This is my only goal. This site is fantastic and I would like to be a part of it.

I will see if I can locate the pages and begin adding the information that I can there. Thank you for this site. Jess



Here are more than you could possibly deal with!!

To augment our Massachusetts vital records collection:

  • Membrino, Marcia L., and Paul A. Russell, eds., Paxton, Massachusetts births, marriages and deaths, 1748-1850, (Bowie, MD : Heritage Books, c1996).
  • Van Antwerp, Lee D., comp., and Ruth Wilder Sherman, ed., Vital Records of Plymouth, Massachusetts, to the year 1850', (1993).
  • Stover, Margaret Harris, comp., Vital records of Raynham, Massachusetts, (Plymouth, MA : General Society of Mayflower Descendants, 1997).

How about the 1798 Direct Tax of Massachusetts records? I don't know what form they are in, but they should be available at the NEHGS Library.

There are a lot of Maine vital records published that we haven't abstracted yet. There are county-wide marriage return books, of which we have only extracted the one for Cumberland Co. The others are Hancock, Oxford, Penobscot, Waldo, Washington, and York Counties.

Maine probate records:

  • Abstracts of Probate Records of Penobscot County, Maine, 1816-1883: Including abstracts of Probate Records from Hancock County 1790-1816 relating to that part of Hancock County set off as Penobscot County in 1816. Ruth Gray, editor. 616 pp. 38,179 entry Every Name Index. 1993. #1434. $95.00. Picton Press, P.O. Box 250, Rockport, ME 04856.
  • The Probate Records of Lincoln County, Maine, 1760 to 1800. Wm. D. Patterson, editor. Maine Genealogical Society Special Publication No. 6. 448 pp. Every Name Index & Place Index. 1991 (1895). #1177. $39.50. Picton Press, P.O. Box 250, Rockport, ME 04856.
  • York County, Maine, Will Abstracts 1801-1858; Maine Genealogical Society Special Publication No. 27. Compiled by Joseph Crook Anderson II, CG. 2 vol; 1,376 pp. 30,095 entry Every Name Index. 1997. 2 vol set: #1845. $99.50. Picton Press, P.O. Box 250, Rockport, ME 04856.

Perhaps these Revolutionary military records can be found at, but if not, we could sure use them:

  • Connecticut. Adjutant-General's Office, Record of service of Connecticut men in the I. War of the Revolution, II. War of 1812, III. Mexican War / compiled by authority of the General Assembly, under direction of the Adjutants-General ... (Hartford : [Case, Lockwood & Brainard Co.], 1889).
  • Connecticut Historical Society, Hartford, Rolls and lists of Connecticut men in the Revolution, 1775-1783; Collections of the Connecticut Historical Society, v. VIII (Hartford : Connecticut Historical Society, 1901).
  • Connecticut Historical Society, Hartford, Lists and returns of Connecticut men in the revolution, 1775-1783; Collections of the Connecticut Historical Society. vol. XII (Hartford, Connecticut Historical society, 1909).
  • Hammond, Isaac Weare, ed., Rolls of the soldiers in the revolutionary war... Published by authority of the legislature...; Provincial and State Papers, Vol. XIV-XVII, (Concord, N.H.: P. B. Cogswell, state printer, 1885-89).
  • Roberts, James A., Comptroller's Office, New York State, New York in the Revolution as Colony and State, a Compilation of Documents and Records from the Office of the State Comptroller, (Albany, N.Y. : J.B. Lyon Co., 1904). 2 v.
  • Fisher, Major General Carleton Edward, and Fisher, Sue Gray, [Maine] Soldiers, Sailors, and Patriots of the Revolutionary War, 944 pp. (Rockport, ME: Picton Press, 1982). #1324. $55.00. Picton Press, P.O. Box 250, Rockport, ME 04856.
  • Fisher, Major General Carleton Edward, and Fisher, Sue Gray, [Vermont] Soldiers, sailors, and patriots of the Revolutionary War 672 pp. (Camden, ME : Picton Press, 1998). #1322. $49.50. Picton Press, P.O. Box 250, Rockport, ME 04856.
  • Goodrich, John E., Rolls of the soldiers in the Revolutionary War, 1775 to 1783, (Rutland, Vt. : Tuttle company, 1904).

Also, there are a huge number of town histories of towns in ME, NH, and VT which have genealogical sections. Some no doubt contain Whitney information.

That ought to keep you busy!

- Robert - Talk to me 17:47, 18 July 2006 (CDT)

How Many?


This is an interesting exercise. I once investigated the statistical aspect of genealogy, especially the matters of how many ancestors a person living today had at remote times in the past, and how many descendants a person who lived in the past might have living today. It turns out both questions are very difficult in the abstract. The answer to the second question is likely to be, "Zero." A more tractable, but still difficult, question is how many descendants a set of contemporary people might have living today. The larger the group, the more likely one is to be able to say something interesting. Tools used are fertility rates, for those who had children, and rates of death without children, through history. In our case, we could take for that group the U.S. Whitney people living in, say, 1700. One has to take into account the fact that if a father and son were both living then, that all the descendants of the son are also descendants of the father, so cannot be counted for both. Then there is the matter of cousin marriages .... As I said, this is difficult! At the end, one gets statements like, "Given the assumptions _____, the chance that the number is between ___ and ___ is __%," which is not terribly satisfying, especially if the two numbers are far apart. The higher the percentage you pick, the father apart the numbers fall, of course.

You can see that the very practical approach you have begun is much more likely to yield meaningful results that the more mathematical/statistical/abstract approach.

You could link to this page from the Whitney Surname page.

- Robert - Talk to me 07:22, 19 July 2006 (CDT)

Great Wiki


You have done a great job on this wiki. I am starting one of my own called for all this related to being a certified public accountant.

Where did you get the extension for your discussion forums? It is very similar to what I have been considering paying someone to write for me. Any help would be much appreciated.


Curve Fit


You have a convincing curve fit. I'm impressed! It seems to me that you could get an actual count of Whitneys by counting the total number of people in Whitney households in the 1790 Census. It might be a bit low, because of Whitneys in non-Whitney households, but that should be nearly compensated for by non-Whitneys in Whitney households. It would be an estimate, but really quite a good one (probably within 1%). Similar remarks apply to 1800 through 1840, of course, but it would be a longer job to do the counts, as there are at least ten categories instead of just three. (I suppose one can ignore the counts of slaves and free blacks.)

I may be able to do this, via Heritage Quest, even though I don't have an subscription. Would you want me to try?

Would you want me to try to get actual counts for some of the early missing years for HOH and total?

- Robert - Talk to me 09:03, 20 July 2006 (CDT)

Location Categories, III


I've been going through the Categories and trying to correct some of them that seem wrong. I started at A and am now up through "Castle, New York", which seems to be universally "Seneca Castle, New York" (but there is also a real "Castile, New York" in Wyoming County!). I go to the Category page, and see the list of the pages referring to that category. Then I go to each of those pages and correct the category call at the bottom, meanwhile reformatting things I see which are artifacts of the import, such as the comment on the first line, putting the parents' names in with a link, bolding the wife's name, adding the mother's name before the list of children, changing "1." to "*" in the references, and fixing all the other erroneous categories. Then I save the page, and on to the next. You've patrolled these edits, so you can see my progress.

This will be a long job, but I think it's worthwhile.

- Robert - Talk to me 09:03, 20 July 2006 (CDT)

Bot Versus Not


Yes, the Bot can do those changes, but if I do them manually, I can do multiple edits at once, thus keeping the size of the database much smaller. Also, much of the editing uses my sense of what "isn't right", including transcription problems, misformatted dates, etc. I'm willing to continue this effort, which will get simpler as I progress, as I won't have to fix more than one error on the same page (hopefully!), having fixed the page at the occurrence of the first one. By the way, I'm changing St. Louis to Saint Louis (and analogues), Mt. Morris to Mount Morris (and analogues), No. to North, So. to South, E. to East, and W. to West, when they are parts of geographic names. I am also undoing some of the Col. -> Colorado transformations that were made in error, when Col. actually meant Colonel! 8^(

- Robert - Talk to me 09:29, 20 July 2006 (CDT)

African American Whitneys


Your new page says that African Americans were first listed on the 1870 census. That's true only for former slaves, and that means almost always in the South. In the North, being free blacks, they appear in the 1850 and 1860 census, too, and if they were heads of households, they appear on earlier ones, as well. I'm not sure how to correct what you wrote, or I would have done it myself.

Do we have any (American) Indian [whatever the current politically correct phrase is] or oriental Whitneys?

Then there is the issue of mulattos. Should they be included in the count of African Americans, or in a separate category?

- Robert - Talk to me 17:39, 21 July 2006 (CDT)

Native American Whitneys


I did a search of the 1880 Census of the U.S. for Whitneys by race. I found a total of 16981 Whitneys in our index on the old web site. Using, I found:

  • 683 black
  • 179 mulatto
  • 15 native American
  • 2 oriental
  • 0 Mexican

I suppose there must be 16981 - 683 - 179 - 15 - 2 = 16102 whites or those with race not given. You can enter the 16981 number in your table at How many Whitneys?.

- Robert - Talk to me 07:09, 23 July 2006 (CDT)

Location Categories, IV


I've finished going through the categories and making all the changes I could find. I repeat the comment, "I can supply county names for places in Canada. Do we want to do that, or is the province name enough? I notice that some places have them, others don't." If you want me to do that, let me know, and I'll proceed with that. Should I make the changes on the page Pierce Conversion Project - Place List, or on each individual family group record, or some other way?

- Robert - Talk to me 18:35, 31 July 2006 (CDT)

thank you for your kind words.

thanks for your welcome on

my question is, are there any special modifications (like family tree diagrams) that you have that are not part of mediawiki? thanks!!

Canadian Counties, II


I'm in favor of adding county names to all Canadian locations. I'll start, but where do I make the changes? One option is on the family group record pages. Another would be on your master list of places at Pierce Conversion Project - Place List. There may be other options, too.

That should keep me busy!

- Robert - Talk to me 09:29, 1 August 2006 (CDT)

Master Place List


Is it necessary to regenerate the master place name replacement list at Pierce Conversion Project - Place List since I have finished working on the categories?

By the way, have a nice trip! Talk to you when you return.

- Robert - Talk to me 06:53, 2 August 2006 (CDT)

Canadian Counties, III


Since I have only identified about 50 Family: pages with Canadian place names, I'll just correct each page, entering county names (but canton names in Quebec, which has them as analogues of counties, just as Louisiana has parishes instead of counties). I can do that in just a couple of days. Then I'll return to Robert's Projects.

Do we want to put location categories on Mailing List Discussions: pages, too? That seems like a lot of work, but possibly helpful to visitors.

I think we should wait to run the bot on place categories until after we import Phoenix pages. By the way, what is the status of that effort? I have created a template into which to insert information from newly-scanned pages, but I haven't tried to use it yet. That's partly because I don't know what the name would be of the Archive file containing a particular page of the book. Partly it's because I want to be very sure to be completely compatible with the import results. Partly it's because I've been busy (make that VERY busy!) working on the Pierce import.

I noticed some examples like this: "... served in County. B, under Capt. Smith, in Colorado. Jones's Regiment ..." They come from replacing "Co." with "County." (instead of "Company") and "Col." with "Colorado." (instead of "Colonel"). In many cases, that was a valid replacement, but in situations like the above, it was over-agressive. I have fixed many of these, but there may be others still lurking around. I can try to hunt for them and correct them, too. I thought you should be aware of their existence.

- Robert - Talk to me 10:16, 2 August 2006 (CDT)

Census Formatting

Yes I would like to add formatting to get the information aligned. If you know what to do immediately to apply it, please do so, otherwise I'll try to review the documentation for formatting tonight and do it later.

- Andaleen - Talk to me 8:32, 2 August 2006 (PDT)

Removing a User


I think we need a way for people to remove themselves, their preferences data, and so on, and release their Username. I'm sure you could do it manually, but I think people should be able to do it without your intervention. Probably there are ramifications and issues with this suggestion which I cannot imagine, but you can. Let's discuss it.

- Robert - Talk to me 11:28, 4 August 2006 (CDT)

Gary Boyd Roberts


You've made good progress. Great!

No, I didn't know that Roberts had mentioned my new theory in a book. I did know that he was aware of it, in two ways. First, I sent him a copy, which he never acknowledged. Second, I heard of a discussion between Michel Call, Douglas Richardson, and Roberts, about my theory, when Call telephoned me last winter. Call was not enthusiastic about it and Richardson was highly skeptical. Perhaps Roberts has a more sanguine view of it than the other two. Call particularly wanted to point out that the descent from Edward III through Constance Touchet is wrong, and that James Whitney who married Blanche Milbourne was son of his father's other wife, Alice Vaughan, citing Peter C. Bartram's Welsh Genealogies. He suggested that there might still be a royal descent from, perhaps, Henry I, but he didn't supply any details.

If you can find it at NEHGS, extracting the Whitney data from Bartram's work would be very useful.

I'd be interested in getting a photocopy of the relevant portions of Roberts's new book.

- Robert - Talk to me 14:49, 8 August 2006 (CDT)

Fifth Generation


I have just finished the last family group record for fifth-generation male Whitney heads of household. There are still 23 female Whitney heads, and 36 with other surnames, descended through female lines. This is in addition to the 27 fourth-generation plus 92 subsidiary fifth-generation pages that Andaleen was working on, descended from daughters of Joshua2 Whitney, named Shepard, Jewell, Williams, and Farnsworth. "Only" 178 more pages to create. Progress!

I've used your form, which is good. I did notice that it gives you 10 children no matter how many you supply, and you have to add children beyond the 10th manually. This may not be worth fixing.

- Robert - Talk to me 17:15, 8 August 2006 (CDT)

Family Group Record Form


There is a gender issue with the form you created. When the head of the family is a male, it is fine, but when it is a female, there are problems. First of all, it refers to the head as "he", and the spouse as "she". It calls the spouse "daughter of ...", and the names of the parents after "Children of ..." are inverted.

- Robert - Talk to me 06:58, 10 August 2006 (CDT)

Recent Changes


I've noticed an anomaly with the Recent Changes page. Yesterday I created a page called [[Family:Stevens, Thomas(1728-1755)]]. Then I noticed that the name was mal-formatted. I moved it to Family:Stevens, Thomas (1728-1755), changed all references to it, and deleted the redirect page. Not all these events were recorded in Recent Changes. Today a similar situation arose with [[Family:Stevens, Anna (1733-?)]] being moved to Family:Stevens, Anna (1733-1811).

What gives?

- Robert - Talk to me 12:37, 20 August 2006 (CDT)

Whose page?


I have encountered the case of Moses Blood (1750-1838), not a Whitney descendant, who had three wives. All three of them ARE Whitney descendants: Abigail Shattuck (1744-1810), Keziah (Shattuck) Shattuck (1745-1832), and Alice (Shattuck) Wright (1754-1840). There were only children by the first wife. What page should contain the record of his wives and children? What would the policy be if there were children by more than one wife?

- Robert - Talk to me 13:13, 13 September 2006 (CDT)

Alured de Merleberge


If you google "Alfred of Marlborough", you'll find that that was the actual name of Alured de Merleberge, and there's lots of information about him and his holdings. He wasn't a Norman at all, but a Saxon, as his name reveals (think Alfred the Great). Why he was favored by the Normans with all those lands is not clear. I leave it to you to modify his page and other references to him, accordingly.

- Robert - Talk to me 13:54, 14 September 2006 (CDT)

Bayeux, not Bayoux


The file [[:Image:bayoux.jpg]] is misnamed. See the Wikipedia entry for the tapestry. You need to delete it and, if you wish, upload a version with the correct spelling.

- Robert - Talk to me 17:15, 15 September 2006 (CDT)

Jonathan Whitney Will Page


Jonathan Whitney Will should be renamed Archive:Luzerne County, Pennsylvania, Probate Records. Then a link to it should be put on Archive:Probate Records, labeled |Luzerne County, PA, Probate Records]], 1831. See the similar case for Ontario County, NY, Probate Records, 1881. Credit should be given to the person who supplied it.

- Robert - Talk to me 21:32, 18 September 2006 (CDT)

Fifth Generation Done?


I have finished making family group records for the last of the fifth generation heads of household, descendants of John1 Whitney (I think!). This was the work that Andaleen had not finished. Now it's done. There remains a lot of sourcing on the fourth and fifth generations, and adding categories, but at least we have pages for them all.

In the process, I found a Hannah Whitney who was actually a widow Hannah (Russell) Whiting, and corrected that. Progress!

Next I think I'll work on the English part of the family, including not only attached people but also others, all before 1700. Any other suggestions?

- Robert - Talk to me 13:15, 20 September 2006 (CDT)

Next Projects


You suggested

1. Medieval / early English Whitney families
I'll get on this one next.
2. Research immigrant families to other countries. I've recently done a lot of searching and have made contact with an Australian Whtiney family. I also found Whitneys in South Africa.
I have very little idea how to proceed with this.
3. Create archive pages for the military extracts that Ken Whitney has been posting to the mailing list.
Excellent suggestion. I'll put that on my to-do list.
4. Trace families from key locations in England from the 1841 census down through the last available census in an attempt to locate living male line descendants who could join our DNA study.
Why not enlist John G. Whitney in Oxford to help with this?

Here's one for you: Run the bot to modify all the locality Category tags to include county names where they are missing. In all the pages I have done recently, I have been careful to do the categories with county names.

Here are some HUGE ones:

  1. Add locality categories to all of Andaleen's pages.
  2. Source all fourth- and fifth-generation pages from John1.
  3. Make pages for daughters with substantial information on their parents' page.

I'll add some items to the WRG:Website Conversion Project.

There remain, of course, the matters of the Phoenix import and the rest of the census pages ...

- Robert - Talk to me 10:30, 21 September 2006 (CDT)

Duplicate User


I see that User:Big Bill Whitney (UK) has also registered as One should be deleted, presumably the latter, and anyone trying to access that page redirected to the other. This seems to be an attempt to change his e-mail address.

- Robert - Talk to me 15:10, 22 September 2006 (CDT)

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