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Learning the tools ... Talk to me

Hi Tim, I think I did not correctly reply to your message from December where you asked about my Ann Whitney of Norwich, VT. So I'll try again ... I hope I did it right this time: Ann Whitney married Warren Percival sometime around 1800 probably in Norwich, VT (not sure). I have been pursuing several hypotheses of who her parents were; the latest theory is Elijah Whitney & Chloe Beckley of Canaan, CT. I have been going through a number of LDS films from both areas and could add more source information to your pages on Elijah but I thought I should check in first before attempting to edit the pages. Thanks, and this site has been extremely helpful in my research. Doug Wood

Joseph and William (nephews or brothers) possibly preachers

Hi Tim, Thanks for the quick reply. I have been studying how you and others set up the pages for "possible" links to parents. I will do the same for Ann Whitney. Yes, the family tradition says that Ann had either brothers or nephews named Joseph and William, lived in Oswego, NY, and may have been preachers. I have seen others' statements with the "preachers" connection, but one of my ancestors did not mention this in her documents. Many of these family statements vary quite a bit. My source mentions that Ann corresponded with Joseph and William, but I really doubt the "Civil War" statement since Ann died in Iowa in 1845. But the good news is, I have possible threads of evidence to pursue. That's why I am currently focused on Elijah of Canaan since three of his sons (Elijah, Elisha, and Joseph) moved to Scriba, Oswego, NY; while his other son William went to Norwich, VT where Ann and Warren Percival lived. So I have a strong link here but no conclusive evidence yet. William did witness a land transaction for Warren Percival in about 1816. I am in process of checking probate records for Canaan, CT to see if Elijah mentions other children (Electa or Ann) and their married names. Crazy thing is, there is no probate record in the Sharon district for Elijah. He bought land in the Canaan area, so he must have records somewhere of settling his estate. My next move is to check the Norfolk Probate district records since Elijah lived closer to Norfolk rather than Sharon and I believe his son, Elisha, was married there. The search continues ... but for now, the temperature has reached my threshold of 50 degrees so I'm off to the driving range! Thanks again for the great help. "I'll be back". Doug

Anna Whitney info loaded

Tim, Please verify that I loaded this correctly with the appropriate links. Does it take a while for my Anna to show up on the list of all Anna's when I do a search? I also added references for William Whitney of Norwich, VT (son of Elijah of Canaan,CT). Let me know if I am using the proper format for these references. Thanks for the help! Doug

John Whitney & Hannah Worrall

hi tim, this is the family of john & hannah worrall, parents of james whitney and who arrived in 1895 to join there son john in 1895.

john whitney hannah worrall born.1813 hartford cheshire uk born.1815 hartford ches uk died. 6 may 1876 northwich ches marr.18 march 1839 northwich ches died.7 dec 1868 northwich ches children samuel born. 28 feb 1839 leftwich ches died. 1840 northwich ches james born. 31march 1841 leftwich ches mary born.28feb 1843 leftwich ches samuel born. 23 june 1845 leftwicj ches died. 1845 leftwich ches williiam born. 23 june 1845 leftwich ches died. 1852 leftwich ches abel born. 25 feb 1849 castle northwich ches john born. 5 feb 1852 castle northwich ches died.26 oct 1863 leftwich ches martha b orn.4 march 1855 leftwich ches died.23 oct1863 leftwich ches hannah born. 1856 leftwich ches william born.1860 leftwich ches

hope these help with my other english family you have.

regards colin whitney cheshire england.

Addison County


Sorry, but I can't help identify the three Whitney families you have highlighted in Addison Co., VT.

-- Robert - Talk to me 13:56, 16 April 2009 (CDT)

Hello from David Keith Whitney

I am the only son of Rev. Jason Keith Whitney. He has alot of information about Whitney ancestry from a cousin in Florida. My only sister Deborah Ruth (Whitney) Oldberg lives in Florida and has four daughters. You can visit them at and view pictures. Please introduce yourself when you have the opportunity.

Family:Whitney, John (1754-1807)

Hi Tim, I have been adding reference information and I noticed that under John Whitney (1754-1809) that perhaps his wife's names are mixed up. I believe it's correct that Anne was his first wife and Hannah Belden was his second wife. The children should be from his second marriage (Hannah) and that there were no children for he and Anne. I did not want to change this without checking with you first. Thanks, Doug Wood

Horace Dexter Whitney

I believe I can confirm that John Whitney was very highly likely the father of Horace Whitney.

Horace's son Charles Whitney always said he was born in Dixboro, which must be some kind of suburb of Ann Arbor, MI.

I have located little snippets of news from a local newspaper called the Washtenaw Whig, which reported current events in Dixboro. In the 15 March 1848 issue, it mentions that Martha Whitney, age 25, daughter of John and Rachel Whitney died 4 March 1848. Unfortunately, it also mentions that Rachel Whitney, age 50 and wife of John, died 7 March 1848. There appears to have been some type of illness going around at that time.Several people in that area died right around this time.

I then checked the census for John Whitney and found him, with no wife, but with two children-Charles and Jane who were both born in Vermont.As an added clue, Horace's enlistment papers indicate that he was a cooper. Horace died 30 December 1863 in Chattanooga, TN. I have several of his enlistment records and some of the records for the pension his widow, Harriet, received as well as the three children.

They seem to have been friends with several people who were also from Vermont. A Daniel and Sylvia (Kelly) Hawkins witnessed the marriage of Horace and Harriet in 1858. They were both born in Vermont according to each census I located them on. A Cornelius Gillespie provided an affidavit for Harriet as part of the pension application process. While Cornelius was born in NY, his wife, Millicent (White) was born in Vermont. David and Elvira Sperry also provided affidavits as part of the pension process and David Sperry was from Vermont as well.

I am hoping to locate microfilm of the Washtenaw Whig to search for additional news pieces regarding this Whitney family.

Russell Whitney's family page, question

Hi Tim, I finally figured out how to create my father's family page, but how do I link it to his name on his lineage list? Also, There is a situation where my great grandfather, Josiah F. Has 2 grandfathers that are brothers, but only one of them is listed on the lineage list. Should we technically add the other? Or would we not do that because Eban is the father of a female child? Complicated.... Don't you think? Thanks, Judi

How do I post cemetary pics to particular page


I have some cometary pictures on my father's site, which I plan on leaving there, however, before he passed away he said that he thought that was also a separate page(s) to post pictures especially for cemeteries. Can you please tell me how I would do this?

Thank you, Judi Whitney Mannetho

chinnor witneys


Email me

Happy to compare notes


chinnor witneys


Email me

Happy to compare notes


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