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J W.png This WRG Member is a Descendant of the immigrant John Whitney.

My Whitney Line

Edit My Whitney Line

I haven't checked into the WRG for quite awhile. Have been concentrating on my maiden name of "Lackie"...which has also been spelled "Lackey" in previous generations. Today I stumbled upon the WRG again and have been reading of the Whitney DNA Project. Very interesting! Now if I could get one of my male siblings to participate. I found the following online today and am trying to find my way around the information on the DNA Project an find out more about it.

(Note: copied from a ROOTS website) "Descendants of Ebenezer-3 Whitney:

  • R. Richard. HOLLENBACK
  • Arvy WHITNEY
  • Maurice L. Whitney
  • Melva McClellan
  • Phyllis JENSEN
  • Betty Roberta SEVERANCE
  • Norm Smith
  • Patricia Anne LACKIE (Note: This is me!)
  • Albert Ernest DURRELL
  • George PARKER
  • Maurice Fowler WHITNEY
  • William Stronach SNOW

Would anyone listed on the above lists be willing to have a male relative who is a direct Whitney descendant tested? This would greatly help Marion Whitney Martin and the Whitney DNA Study in general."

A little about me....I am as of this post 66 years (young) and have been interested in and working on my genealogy off and on for years. My name is Patricia Anne (Lackie)Whitney-Jones. For a little history on how I became "Whitney-Jones"....specifically the "Whitney" part. My maiden name was Lackie (at least that is how my father and my grandfather spelled it). I married Thomas Calvin Hoopes in 1962 and we had three beautiful children. We divorced in 1983 (if memory serves be right without looking at the paperwork)...and at the time I wanted to legally take my very own last name or at lease "borrow" it from an ancestor. After researching..I decided I liked my paternal great-grandmother's name...WHITNEY (Mary Winona Whitney)...and so at the time of my divorce I requested the court to make my legal last name WHITNEY. I was legally Patricia Anne Whitney for many years. Then I remarried in 1996 and took the name Patricia Anne Whitney-Jones (the Jones being my husband Brian Jones). I am retired...with my the beautiful state of Washington. Although I will continue to research my maiden name of "Lackie" as long as I can, the name "Whitney" will remain close to my heart and I shall follow and participate in the WRG...also as long as I can. Regards to all....Tricia

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