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My Whitney Line
  • (probably) David Whitney, m. Mary -----
  • (probably) David Whitney, m. Louisa -----
  • James Whitney, m. Louisa Williams
  • Ernest James Whitney, m. Olwen Harris
  • Ralph Whitney, m. May Rose Hawes
  • Ralph Whitney

Edit My Whitney Line

Hello Everyone:

I have been interested in researching my family history since I was a boy. There was not a lot of information from my fathers side and up untill recently I have been able to identify my greatgrandfather.

I am married and have three boys or should I say three young men. They ask the same questions I have asked ... are we the only Whitney's and are we related to other Whitney's? So I hope by doing this I can get answers.

My father (Ralph Whitney) came to Ontario, Canada in the late 50's from England. He was born in Seven Sisters Wales and his father was Ernest James Whitney. From census records I have been able to find Ernest James and his father James Whitney. The area of Wales that list this family is called Llantarnam Monmouth, Wales. Ernest had no other sons but Ralph Whitney my father. James Whitney had 6 children including Ernest James they where Amy, Harold, Arthur, Edith Laura and John.

I hope someone out there can help me in finding any decendents of this family tree.

. JAMES1 WHITNEY was born 1857 in Usk Monmouthshire. He married LOUISA WILLIAMS. She was born 1856 in Llangibby Monmouth.

Children of JAMES WHITNEY and LOUISA are: i. HAROLD WHITNEY, b. 1882, Llangibby Monmouth, Wales. ii. AMY WHITNEY, b. 1884, London, England. iii. ARTHUR WHITNEY, b. 1890, Llantarnam Monmouth, Wales. iv. EDITH LAURA WHITNEY, b. 1892, Llantarnam Monmouth, Wales. 2. v. ERNEST JAMES WHITNEY, b. 1894, Llantarnam Monmouth, Wales; d. 1959, Belvedere, Kent, England. vi. JOHN WHITNEY, b. 1895, Llantarnam Monmouth, Wales.

--Whitner 20:55, 4 January 2008 (CST)Ralph Whitney

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