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Welcome to the Whitney Research Group website! I did a little sleuthing and came up with the following records:

1841 Wales Census, District 9, Llangibby, Monmouthshire, Wales Henry Evans, farmer ... David Whitney 30 Ag Lab (b. Monmouthshire) 1851 Wales Census, District 10, Lanvair Doscoed, Monmouthshire, Wales #9 - Village David Whitney Head Mar 40 Agr Labourer Mon Llanishan Louisa " Wife Mar 30 " Clytha Ann " Dau 7 " Panteague Hannah " Dau 3 " Lanvaches John " Son 1 " " 1871 Wales Census, District 3, Ifton, Monmouthshire, Wales # 1 - Ifton Farm Thomas Dowle family James Whitney Serv. 14 Servant - domestic Monmouth Usk #4 - Lower Ifton John Whitney Head Mar 21 Ag Lab Monmouth Caldicot? Ellen " Wife " 24 " New Church William " Son 7M " Ifton #5 - Lower Ifton David Whitney Head 60 Sheppard Monmouth Llanishen Louisa " Wife 55 " Clitha George " Son 19 Ag Lab Llanvair Discoed David " Son 15 " " Ush Thomas " Son 9 Scholar " Pewhow 1881 Wales Census, District 3, Lower Llanvrechva, Monmouthshire, Wales # 119 State Row Crombra_ #5 John Whitney Head Mar 31 Colly Laber Miner Mon Llanvair Eleanor " Wife Mar 33 " Chepstow William " Son 10 Scholar " " Thomas " Son 8 " " " Ann L " Dau 6 " " Llanvrechva Elizabeth J " Dau 3 " Llangibby Sarah M " Dau 1 " " 1891 Wales Census, District 20, Llantarnum, Monmouthshire, Wales # 30 12 Raglan Terrace John Whitney Head Wid 41 Coal Miner Monmouth Llanvair Thomas Whitney Son S 18 Coal Miner Do Portskewett Luisa Whitney Dau S 16 Monmouth Llanpeckle Sarah Whitney Dau S 12 Scholar Do Llangibby George Whitney Son S 6 Do Do Llantarnarn 1891 Wales Census, District 20, Llantarnum, Monmouthshire, Wales # 31 13 Raglan Terrace James Whitney Head M 33 Laborer Do Trostrey L____ Whitney Wife M 34 Do Llanbgibby Harold Whitney Son S 8 Do Do Amy Whitney Dau S 7 London Arthur Whitney Son S 3M Monmouth Cwmbran

So it appears that your James Whitney was probably the son of David Whitney, b. ca. 1811, Llanishan/Llanishen, Monmouthshire and his wife Louisa. I wasn't able to locate them in 1861 to confirm this however. The British census records begin in 1841, so we can't trace them back any further using the census. You'd have to go to church records, wills, etc. to go further.

Are you aware of the Whitney DNA Study which we have been working on for over a year now? Some 40 or 50 individuals have had their DNA tested and we now can determine which Whitney family most people belong to. We have very few people from England and none from Wales. Would you consider joining the study? We would LOVE to see if you match any of the other groups. This would tell us if the Whitneys in Wales were related to any of the Whitneys who emigrated to America in the 1600s. Note that this DNA testing is NOT the testing done to test for diseases, etc. It's a specialized family history test that just looks at areas that help to group families together. The cost for the basic test is about $100, but if that's not doable for you, we do have a fund that our members have donated to that we might be able to pull from. I think this is the best way for you and your family to determine how you might or might not be related to the other larger Whitneys of America.

I look forward to hearing from you!

- Tim Doyle - Talk to me 14:54, 5 January 2008 (CST)

More Information

Your page looks just fine! Good job.

As far as the census information goes, let me outline my thinking process here.

The James Whitney family listed in 1891 in Llantarnum, Monmouthshire, Wales is yours because the names of the parents and the children match those that you listed for your James. Living just next door was John Whitney, and I believe he was most likely the elder brother of your James. In 1881, we find John and his wife "Eleanor" in Lower Llanvrechva, Monmouthshire, Wales with their children who match up with the children from 1891. There are a couple of other children in the family who had either moved out or died by 1891.

In 1871, we again see John and "Ellen" with their newly started family, residing in Ifton, Monmouthshire, Wales. More research is needed to confirm that this is the correct family, as none of the birth places for John, Ellen, or their son William match those listed in 1881. However, I have often seen such birthplaces change dramatically in the census records like this. It appears they sometimes weren't very concerned about giving the right answer. *IF* this is the right John, we also see a James Whitney of the correct age working in the main farm house as a servant. This James was born in Usk, the same place as you have listed in your records, which adds support to the theory that this is the correct family. Living next door to John is a David Whitney, of the correct age to be their father.

I haven't been able to locate them in 1861, but in 1851 I do find the family in Lanvair Doscoed, Monmouthshire, Wales. This David and Louisa must be the same couple as that living in Ifton in 1871 as their birthplaces do match. They also have a son John, but James wouldn't have been born yet. That's why the 1861 census would be so helpful - it would hopefully show son James as well.

The David Whitney listed in 1851 was born about 1811 in Llanishan, his wife was named Louisa, born about 1821 in Clytha. They had three children. The David Whitney listed in 1871 was born about 1811 in Llanishen, his wife was named Louisa, born about 1816 in Clitha. True, her age doesn't quite match, but again, I have seen this happen very frequently. Their three eldest children who were listed in 1851 have either died or moved out of the house, and the children listed in 1871 wouldn't have been born yet in 1851. Note that George Whitney, age 19 in 1871 was listed as born in Llanvair Discoed, indicating that this was where the family resided about 1852. And that's just where the 1851 family resided. This is why I think it is the same family.

So I think this is the right family, though the 1861 census would help to solidify the identification. I'm fairly sure the Ifton family is the same as your family, based upon the names, ages, and the birthplace of Usk for James.

I hope this helps!

PLEASE consider the DNA test - this would really help the overall Whitney group. We have VERY FEW Whitneys from England and Wales in our study and so yours would be VERY important for our overall understanding. We would be willing to help with the cost from our fund.

- Tim Doyle - Talk to me 09:24, 11 January 2008 (CST)

David Whitney

I have created a page for David Whitney which you may be interested in viewing.

- Tim Doyle - Talk to me 10:08, 11 January 2008 (CST)

Momouthshire Whitneys

My Grandmother was Ann Louisa Vaughan nee Whitney born Llanfrchfa 1875. She was James' neice

She married Arthur William Vaughan after moving to Blaenavon, Monmouthshire to work. I believe one of her brothers was already workingin the town, Arthur was a blacksmith in the coal mine (see the Blaenavon Big Pit website)

She and Arthur had a number of offspring - with 6 growing to adults. One, Emily, is still alive and living in Blaenavon. My Father, Leslie was the youngest of their children

Can provide further bits to fill the branch

Also I believe that James was at Horfield Barracks, Bristol in 1881 - a Driver

Best wishes Rob


Hello Ralph - Good to see you back. How is your research coming along - any new discoveries?

I still would love to find out if your Whitney branch is related to the big John or Henry Whitney branches here in America. If you have ANY questions about how the DNA testing works, please let me know. We'd even be willing to help to pay for this. No needles are involved - just a plastic thing you run on the inside of your cheek. They don't test your entire DNA - just a few places so we can see who is related to who. See the page at DNA for info, or just leave me a note.

Have a great Sunday!

- Tim Doyle - Talk to me 09:40, 1 March 2009 (CST)

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