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Worcestershire Locations

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The locations that Whitneys are found in Worcestershire are just east of Pencomb, Herefordshire, an ancient holding of the Whitneys of Whitney. It is probable that the Whitneys of Worcestershire were descended from that family.

  • James Whitney, of Acton Beauchamp, will dated 1559. See here.
  • Richard Whitney, purchased the living of Martly, Worcestershire, from John Washburn. Inducted Rector, March 1, 1579. Anthony Whitney was connected with him in the purchase. It appears that they sold it in "[1587], acquired from Richard Whitney and Anthony Whitney, the advowson of the rectory of Marckley alias Martley church, Worcs. ..." (Christine Leighton, Frederick William Slingsby, Calendar of Patent Rolls 35 Elizabeth I, Part I to Part X: C 66/1395-1404 (Great Britain Public Record Office, n.p.; 2000), p. 31)
  • Richard Whitney, husband of Elizabeth, daughter of John Cratford of Broadwas. Along with kinsman John Cratford of Croome, son of Humphrey Cratford, was sued by Elizabeth's sister Joan Cratford, wife of William Doughtie. See C 3/57/30.
  • Humfrey Whitney, gent., of "Bradway" (Broadwas), m. Elizabeth Parsons, of Houlte, 1595. See here. He was probably the man of that name who sued Humphrey Cratford and Charles Cratford in the case heard at the Court of Star Chamber, 26 Jan 1613/4. See here. If so, the following records probably pertain to him:
    • STAC 8/302/14 - Whitney and Cratforde v. Cratforde: Worc., 04/03/1603-27/03/1625
    • STAC 8/302/15 - Whitney, Cratforde, and Deanes v. Cratforde, Chamberlayn, Moore, Bliszard, Arundell, Croftes, Stiche, Freeman, Higges, Welles, Jebbe, Trininge, Myntam alias Stocken and others: Worcs., 04/03/1603-27/03/1625
  • Persida Whitney, of "Bradis" (Broadwas), m. Edmond Browninge, husbandman, of Suckley, 1597. See here.
  • Richard Whitney, gent., of Bradwas, will dated 1598. See here.
  • ----- Whitney, of Holt, d. bef. 1622, m. Anne (-----), d. 1622.
Anthony, of Holt, d. bef. 1618
Richard, Gent., d. 1632
Anne, m. Hugh Pilkington
-----, m. ----- Chaunce
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