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The following lists all individuals with the surname Whitney and variants in the census for the time and location stated.

Transcriber: Tara Bellomy and Robert L. Ward

U.S. Census, Mississippi, Amite County, no township given, p. 45: Minor M. Whitney 0000615000000-1100100000000-000000-000000-110110-421010-27 U.S. Census, Mississippi, Choctaw County, no township given, p. 94: A. M. Whitney 0000100000000-0000000000000-000000-000000-000000-000000-1 1 in learned professions or engineers U.S. Census, Mississippi, Jefferson County, no township given, p. 298: J. M. Whitney 2120301000000-0110010000000-000000-000000-(10)(10)(10)410-8(12)5300-75 40 in agriculture