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The following lists all individuals with the surname Whitney and variants in the census for the time and location stated.

Name County Township Birthdate Birthplace Page
Whitney, Barbara Cumberland Co. Cumberland abt 1793 Maine 15/523
Whitney, Barthena F. Penobscot Co. Exeter abt 1843 Maine 78
Whitney, Bartlet B. Waldo Co. Thorndike abt 1844 Maine 14
Whitney, Belinda S. Knox Co. Warren abt 1825 Maine 44
Whitney, Belsirah Kennebec Co. Wayne abt 1808 Maine 89/1081
Whitney, Benj. Cumberland Co. Bridgton abt 1786 Maine 6
Whitney, Benj. A. Cumberland Co. Bridgton abt 1855 Maine 6
Whitney, Benj. F. Cumberland Co. Bridgton abt 1821 Maine 6
Whitney, Benj. M. Piscataquis Co. Sebec abt 1847 Maine 5/993
Whitney, Benja. F. Cumberland Co. Windham abt 1838 Maine 25/155
Whitney, Benjamin Cumberland Co. Cumberland abt 1838 Maine 16
Whitney, Benjamin Kennebec Co. Augusta abt 1859 Maine 163/279
Whitney, Benjamin Waldo Co. Winterport abt 1826 Maine 37/915
Whitney, Benjamin Waldo Co. Winterport abt 1826 Maine 37/915
Whitney, Benjamin B. Cumberland Co. Casco abt 1823 Maine 24
Whitney, Benjamin R. Penobscot Co. Newburgh abt 1848 Maine 50/483
Whitney, Benjimin Cumberland Co. Westbrook abt 1838 Maine 52
Whitney, Benjmin Oxford Co. Byron abt 1810 Maine 27/729
Whitney, Bethia Penobscot Co. Corinna abt 1787 Maine 62
Whitney, Bethiah York Co. Buxton abt 1820 New Hampshire 25/469
Whitney, Betsey Androscoggin Co. Lisbon abt 1795 Maine 29/163
Whitney, Betsey Oxford Co. Brownfield abt 1814 Maine 2
Whitney, Betsey Penobscot Co. Newburgh abt 1796 Maine 58/491
Whitney, Betsey Somerset Co. Moscow abt 1810 Maine 49/623
Whitney, Betsey A. Cumberland Co. North Yarmouth abt 1826 Maine --
Whitney, Betsey H. Cumberland Co. Harrison abt 1824 Maine 53/241
Whitner, Betsey M. Penobscot Co. Hudson abt 1860 [Maine] 49/607
Whitney, Betsy Kennebec Co. Augusta abt 1807 Maine 140
Whitney, Blanche Aroostook Co. Presque Isle abt 1858 Maine 87/181
Whitney, Bradack S. Penobscot Co. Lee abt 1848 Maine 48
Whitney, Brazill H. Cumberland Co. Sebago abt 1837 Maine 38