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The following lists all individuals with the surname Whitney and variants in the census for the time and location stated.

Name County Township Birthdate Birthplace Page
Whitney, R. C. Cumberland Co. Bridgton abt 1815 Maine 18
Whitney, R. M. Franklin Co. Phillips abt 1806 Maine 13/1071
Whitney, Rachael Penobscot Co. Bangor Ward 6 abt 1835 Maine 119
Whitney, Rachael Somerset Co. Pittsfield abt 1834 Maine 51/927
Whitney, Rachael J. Penobscot Co. Exeter abt 1841 Maine 78
Whitney, Rachel Penobscot Co. Hampden abt 1832 Maine 10
Whitney, Rachel M. Cumberland Co. Gorham abt 1835 Maine 30
Whitney, Rachel W. Oxford Co. Denmark abt 1812 Maine 17/259
Whitney, Rada Waldo Co. Frankfort abt 1848 Maine 78
Whitney, Rebecca Cumberland Co. Casco abt 1848 Maine 24
Whitney, Rebecca Cumberland Co. Cumberland abt 1836 Maine 15/523
Whitney, Rebecca Franklin Co. Chesterville abt 1806 Maine 27/757
Whitney, Rebecca Kennebec Co. Gardiner abt 1820 Maine 87
Whitney, Rebecca Kennebec Co. Gardiner abt 1849 Maine 97
Whitney, Rebecca Washington Co. Jonesboro abt 1778 [Maine] 12/804
Whitney, Rebecca Washington Co. Jonesboro abt 1835 Maine 8
Whitny, Rebecca Washington Co. Machias abt 1807 Maine 107/899
Whitney, Rebecca York Co. Biddeford abt 1818 Maine 8
Whitney, Rebecca C. Penobscot Co. Newburgh abt 1830 Maine 61
Whitney, Reuben Cumberland Co. Gorham abt 1818 Maine 31/779
Whitney, Reuben Franklin Co. New Sharon abt 1832 Maine 49/713
Whitney, Reuben Penobscot Co. Hampden abt 1791 Maine 10
Whitney, Reuben Washington Co. Jonesboro abt 1818 Maine 6
Whitney, Reuben H. Penobscot Co. Hampden abt 1857 Maine 11/317
Whitney, Rhoda Kennebec Co. Mount Vernon abt 1807 Maine 8
Whitney, Rhoda C. N. Cumberland Co. Casco abt 1859 Maine --
Whitney, Richard Cumberland Co. Standish abt 1823 Maine 38
Whitney, Robert Franklin Co. Chesterville abt 1821 Maine 28/758
Whitney, Robert Kennebec Co. Augusta abt 1833 Maine 139/255
Whitney, Robert Kennebec Co. Augusta abt 1830 Maine 182
Whitney, Robert Sagadahoc Co. Bowdoinham abt 1835 Maine 20
Whitney, Robert H. Cumberland Co. Falmouth abt 1830 Maine 48
Whitney, Robert P. Sagadahoc Co. Topsham abt 1820 Maine 11/427
Whitney, Robinson Penobscot Co. Newburgh abt 1784 Maine 50/483
Whitney, Robt. S. Kennebec Co. Litchfield abt 1836 Maine 11/11
Whitney, Rosanna K. Cumberland Co. Naples abt 1829 Maine 58
Whitney, Roscoe Franklin Co. Madrid abt 1839 Maine 56
Whitney, Roscoe G. Androscoggin Co. Lewiston abt 1838 Maine 28
Whitney, Rose Somerset Co. Pittsfield abt 1841 Maine 51/927
Whitney, Roselinda H. Lincoln Co. Edgecomb abt 1840 Maine 12
Whitney, Rosetta S. Cumberland Co. Otisfield abt 1859 Maine 23/211
Whitney, Roxanna Cumberland Co. Gorham abt 1811 Maine 14
Whitney, Royal T. Franklin Co. Phillips abt 1833 Maine 13/1071
Whitney, Rufus Cumberland Co. Gorham abt 1818 Maine 29/777
Whitney, Rufus G. Franklin Co. Phillips abt 1823 Maine 26
Whitney, Ruth York Co. Lebanon abt 1804 New Hampshire 49/95
Whitney, Ruth F. Sagadahoc Co. Topsham abt 1834 Maine 11/427