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The following lists all individuals with the surname Whitney and variants in the census for the time and location stated.

Name County Township Birthdate Birthplace Page
Whitney, W. H. Cumberland Co. Scarborough abt 1847 Maine 46
Whitney, Wallace Franklin Co. Jay abt 1846 Maine 39/1053
Whitney, Walter Washington Co. Jonesboro abt 1836 Maine 5/797
Whitney, Warren Penobscot Co. Bangor Ward 4 abt 1834 Maine 139/825
Whitney, Washington D. Androscoggin Co. Lisbon abt 1843 Maine 12
Whitney, Wealthy J. Penobscot Co. Greenbush abt 1843 Massachusetts 37/109
Whitney, Wellington Washington Co. Jonesboro abt 1846 Maine 7/799
Whitney, Wentworth Aroostook Co. Presque Isle abt 1857 Maine 84
Whitney, Weshenton Penobscot Co. Hampden abt 1859 Maine 11/317
Whitney, Wesley Franklin Co. Freeman abt 1840 Maine 39/847
Whitney, Wesley Penobscot Co. Greenbush abt 1856 Massachusetts 37/109
Whitney, Willam J. Cumberland Co. North Yarmouth abt 1844 Maine 5/533
Whitney, Willard Waldo Co. Waldo abt 1843 Maine 17/519
Whitney, Willard R. Cumberland Co. North Yarmouth abt 1856 Maine 1/529
Whitney, Willard W. Cumberland Co. Pownal abt 1818 Maine 24
Whitney, William Aroostook Co. Ashland abt 1859 Maine 5/435
Whitney, William Cumberland Co. Casco abt 1842 Maine 10
Whitney, William Cumberland Co. Westbrook abt 1834 Maine 103
Whitney, William Franklin Co. Carthage abt 1819 Maine 2
Whitney, William Franklin Co. Farmington abt 1816 Maine 49/635
Whitney, William Kennebec Co. Gardiner abt 1835 Maine 47
Whitney, William Knox Co. Thomaston abt 1816 Maine 76
Whitney, William Lincoln Co. Edgecomb abt 1836 Maine 12
Whitney, William Piscataquis Co. Atkinson abt 1843 Maine 1/757
Whitney, William Piscataquis Co. Sebec abt 1843 Maine 5/993
Whitney, William Waldo Co. Belfast abt 1819 Maine 40
Whitney, William Washington Co. Machias abt 1857 [Maine] 94
Whitney, William A. Penobscot Co. Lee abt 1836 Maine 48
Whitney, William B. Waldo Co. Belfast abt 1853 Maine 40
Whitney, William B. Waldo Co. Thorndike abt 1849 Maine 14
Whitney, William C. Kennebec Co. Wayne abt 1838 Maine 73/1065
Whitney, William C. Oxford Co. Norway abt 1765 Massachusetts --
Whitney, William C. Oxford Co. Norway abt 1810 Maine 20
Whitney, William E. Knox Co. Thomaston abt 1822 Maine 53/501
Whitney, William E. Penobscot Co. Lee abt 1859 Maine 48
Whitney, William F. Oxford Co. Andover abt 1844 [Maine] 70/409
Whitney, William G. Cumberland Co. Naples abt 1848 Maine 59/187
Whitney, William G. Penobscot Co. Lee abt 1813 Maine 48
Whitney, William H. Androscoggin Co. Lisbon abt 1845 Maine 35/169
Whitney, William H. Cumberland Co. Sebago abt 1822 Maine 40
Whitney, William H. Cumberland Co. Harrison abt 1855 Maine 42
Whitney, William H. Cumberland Co. Brunswick abt 1846 Maine 110
Whitney, William H. Franklin Co. Farmington abt 1848 Maine 49/635
Whitney, William H. Piscataquis Co. Sebec abt 1816 Maine 5/993
Whitney, William H. Sagadahoc Co. Richmond abt 1838 Maine 32
Whitney, William J. Knox Co. Thomaston abt 1847 Maine 53/501
Whitney, William M. Hancock Co. Aurora abt 1856 [Maine] 46/462
Whitney, William P. Aroostook Co. Weston abt 1840 New Brunswick 10/544
Whitney, William P. Cumberland Co. Gorham abt 1858 Maine 29/777
Whitney, William S. Cumberland Co. Gorham abt 1815 Maine 29/777
Whitney, William W. Oxford Co. Lovell abt 1855 Maine 27/859
Whitney, William W. Penobscot Co. Hampden abt 1842 Maine 10
Whitney, William W. Waldo Co. Frankfort abt 1818 Maine 78
Whitney, Willie Androscoggin Co. Durham abt 1855 Maine 18
Whitney, Willie Piscataquis Co. Sebec abt 1858 [Maine] 13/1001
Whitney, Willie H. Cumberland Co. Standish abt 1860 Maine 20
Whitney, Willis S. Sagadahoc Co. Topsham abt 1849 Maine 11/427
Whitney, Winnifred Sagadahoc Co. Richmond abt 1858 Maine 32
Whitney, Wm. Androscoggin Co. Minot abt 1837 Maine 11/577
Whitney, Wm. Somerset Co. Solon abt 1859 Maine 61/263
Whitney, Wm. A. Waldo Co. Troy abt 1854 Maine 13/669
Whitney, Wm. F. Washington Co. Harrington abt 1856 Maine --
Whitney, Wm. G. Waldo Co. Troy abt 1815 Maine 12
Whitney, Wm. P. Aroostook Co. Ashland abt 1817 New Brunswick 5/435