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The following lists all individuals with the surname Whitney and variants in the census for the time and location stated.

Name County Township Birthdate Birthplace Page
Whitney, Caroline Fairfield Co. Stamford abt 1854 Connecticut 81/98
Whitney, Caroline Fairfield Co. Darien abt 1806 Connecticut 23/416
Whitney, Caroline Fairfield Co. Greenwich abt 1856 Connecticut 128
Whitney, Caroline S. New Haven Co. Milford abt 1853 Connecticut 83/492
Whitney, Carrie Hartford Co. Hartford Ward 4 abt 1867 Connecticut 30
Whitney, Carrie Fairfield Co. Greenwich abt 1857 Connecticut 174
Whitney, Carrie Fairfield Co. Greenwich abt 1857 Connecticut 173/605
Whitney, Carrie G. New London Co. Norwich Ward 1 abt 1868 Connecticut 54
Whitney, Catharine Fairfield Co. Darien abt 1842 Connecticut 22
Whitney, Catharine Fairfield Co. Norwalk abt 1820 New York 157/820
Whitney, Catharine Tolland Co. Vernon abt 1832 Ireland 5/205
Whitney, Catherine Hartford Co. Hartford Ward 3 abt 1829 Connecticut 40
Whitney, Celia Litchfield Co. New Milford abt 1860 Connecticut 35/253
Whitney, Charles Fairfield Co. Wilton abt 1859 New York 24
Whitney, Charles Litchfield Co. Kent abt 1843 New York 27/139
Whitney, Charles Litchfield Co. Cornwall abt 1866 Connecticut 4
Whitney, Charles E. Fairfield Co. Darien abt 1807 Connecticut 22
Whitney, Charles F. New Haven Co. Waterbury abt 1857 New York 33/763
Whitney, Charles L. Fairfield Co. Darien abt 1835 Connecticut 39/424
Whitney, Charles R. New Haven Co. Seymour abt 1868 Connecticut 43/646
Whitney, Charles S. Middlesex Co. Middletown abt 1863 Connecticut 173/360
Whitney, Charles S. Fairfield Co. Darien abt 1838 Connecticut 27/418
Whitney, Charles W. Fairfield Co. Stamford abt 1852 Connecticut 56
Whitney, Charlotte Hartford Co. Bristol abt 1818 New York 19/73
Whitney, Charlotte New Haven Co. Meriden abt 1821 Maine 217/417
Whitney, Charlotte New Haven Co. Seymour abt 1846 New York 43/646
Whitney, Chas. Fairfield Co. Wilton abt 1834 Connecticut 16
Whitney, Chas. New Haven Co. Meriden abt 1857 Connecticut 216
Whitney, Chas. New Haven Co. Meriden abt 1829 Maine 216
Whitney, Clara Hartford Co. Hartford Ward 1 abt 1837 Massachusetts 99/367
Whitney, Clarence Litchfield Co. Torrington abt 1866 Pennsylvania 34
Whitney, Clarence Fairfield Co. Danbury abt 1856 Connecticut 115/352
Whitney, Clarence E. Hartford Co. Hartford Ward 3 abt 1869 Connecticut 24
Whitney, Clarissa Windham Co. Putnam abt 1828 Connecticut 68
Whitny, Cornelia Litchfield Co. Woodbury abt 1836 Connecticut 616/33
Whitney, Cornelia A. New Haven Co. New Haven Ward 1 abt 1840 Connecticut 28