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The following lists all individuals with the surname Whitney and variants in the census for the time and location stated.

Name County Township Birthdate Birthplace Page
Whitney, Geo C. Windham Co. Woodstock abt 1845 Rhode Island 64
Whitney, Geo. H. Windham Co. Putnam abt 1838 Connecticut 73/569
Whitney, George Fairfield Co. Greenwich abt 1852 Connecticut 192
Whitney, George Windham Co. Windham abt 1851 Connecticut 126
Whitney, George Litchfield Co. New Milford abt 1852 Connecticut 34
Whitney, George Litchfield Co. Goshen abt 1864 Connecticut 28
Whitney, George Hartford Co. Hartford Ward 3 abt 1805 Massachusetts 51/540
Whitney, George Fairfield Co. Westport abt 1849 Connecticut 52
Whitney, George Fairfield Co. New Canaan abt 1820 Connecticut 61/681
Whitney, George Fairfield Co. Darien abt 1843 Connecticut 25/417
Whitney, George A. New Haven Co. New Haven Ward 2 abt 1869 Connecticut 94
Whiting, George B. Fairfield Co. Bridgeport abt 1840 Connecticut 42
Whitney, George D. New Haven Co. Waterbury abt 1859 New York 33/763
Whitney, George E. Fairfield Co. Stamford abt 1843 New York 84
Whitney, George F. Tolland Co. Stafford abt 1845 Connecticut 55/163
Whitney, George F. Hartford Co. Hartford Ward 4 abt 1846 Maine 57/593
Whitney, George J. Hartford Co. Hartford Ward 4 abt 1836 Connecticut 36
Whitney, George O. New Haven Co. New Haven Ward 1 abt 1845 Connecticut 28
Whitney, Georgiana New Haven Co. New Haven Ward 2 abt 1847 Connecticut 94
Whitney, Grace Hartford Co. Hartford Ward 4 abt 1850 Connecticut 36
Whitney, Gracie E. New London Co. Waterford abt 1868 Connecticut 2
Whitney, Gurdon S. Hartford Co. Hartford Ward 3 abt 1822 Connecticut 40