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The following lists all individuals with the surname Whitney and variants in the census for the time and location stated.

Name County Township Birthdate Birthplace Page
Whitner, L. L. G. Fairfield Co. Stamford abt 1812 Connecticut 124
Whitney, Lasper Fairfield Co. Stratford abt 1849 Connecticut 49/204
Whitney, Laura New Haven Co. New Haven Ward 4 abt 1831 New York 26
Whitney, Laura Fairfield Co. Stratford abt 1855 Connecticut 49/204
Whitney, Laura J. Hartford Co. Hartford Ward 3 abt 1838 New Hampshire 24
Whitney, Lavina Fairfield Co. Darien abt 1842 New York 27/418
Whitney, Leander Litchfield Co. Kent abt 1825 Connecticut 38
Whitney, Leander Litchfield Co. Kent abt 1864 Connecticut 39/145
Whitney, Lemuel L. New Haven Co. New Haven Ward 4 abt 1834 Vermont 46
Whitney, Lenora Tolland Co. Stafford abt 1868 Connecticut 55/163
Whitney, Leonard Fairfield Co. Norwalk abt 1867 Connecticut 179/831
Whitney, Levi Hartford Co. Bristol abt 1816 Vermont 19/73
Whitney, Lewis Fairfield Co. Greenwich abt 1824 Connecticut 34
Whitney, Lewis Fairfield Co. Westport abt 1835 Connecticut 51/275
Whitney, Lizey Fairfield Co. Greenwich abt 1850 Connecticut 128
Whitney, Lizzie L. Windham Co. Woodstock abt 1852 Connecticut 35/757
Whitney, Lorenzo Windham Co. Killingly abt 1825 Connecticut 47/408
Whitney, Lorenzo Windham Co. Eastford abt 1829 Connecticut 13/366
Whitney, Lorenzo D. Tolland Co. Stafford abt 1822 Connecticut 55/163
Whitney, Louisa Windham Co. Putnam abt 1842 Connecticut 69/567
Whitney, Louisa New Haven Co. Meriden abt 1853 Connecticut 217/417
Whitney, Louisa E. New Haven Co. Meriden abt 1832 Maine 213/415
Whitney, Lucretia Fairfield Co. Westport abt 1819 Connecticut 52
Whitney, Lucy Fairfield Co. New Canaan abt 1827 Connecticut 61/681
Whitney, Lucy E. Hartford Co. Hartford Ward 4 abt 1824 Connecticut 159/644
Whitney, Lula New Haven Co. Meriden abt 1867 Connecticut 216
Whitney, Luther Fairfield Co. Wilton abt 1845 Connecticut 13/299
Whitney, Lydia Litchfield Co. Washington abt 1835 Connecticut 8
Whitney, Lymon Fairfield Co. Stratford abt 1795 Connecticut 50