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The following table lists individuals with the surname Whitney in the census for the time and location stated.

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Amand WHITNEY 1851 NY District 1 And 3, Sidney, Delaware, New York, T9-0823, p. 363A Amand E. WHITNEY 1869 MI Chester, Ottawa, Michigan, -- Amanda WHITNEY 1825 MA Sherborn, Middlesex, Massachusetts, T9-0539, p. 435D Amanda WHITNEY 1827 NY Hyde Park, Cook, Illinois, T9-0199, p. 93A Amanda WHITNEY 1828 MA Gardner, Worcester, Massachusetts, T9-0565, p. 425D Amanda WHITNEY 1828 OH Roseburg, Douglas, Oregon, T9-1081, p. 488D Amanda WHITNEY 1835 ME Gorham, Cumberland, Maine, T9-0477, p. 299A Amanda WHITNEY 1840 NY Le Roy, Genesee, New York, T9-0835, p. 569C Amanda WHITNEY 1840 OH Glenville, Cuyahoga, Ohio, T9-1009, p. 127D Amanda WHITNEY 1841 MA Montague, Franklin, Massachusetts, T9-0533, p. 391C Amanda WHITNEY 1845 MS Beat 3, Lafayette, Mississippi, T9-0652, p. 273A Amanda WHITNEY 1845 PA Lumberton, Burlington, New Jersey, T9-0772, p. 353C Amanda WHITNEY 1847 MA Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts, T9-0558, p. 108D Amanda WHITNEY 1848 IA Columbia, Marion, Iowa, T9-0354, p. 629B Amanda WHITNEY 1850 --- Beat 4, Issaquena, Mississippi, T9-0650, p. 346A Amanda WITNEY 1850 OH Center, Mercer, Ohio, T9-1048, p. 355A Amanda WHITNEY 1854 NH Newport, Sullivan, New Hampshire, T9-0768, p. 365A Amanda WHITNEY 1860 IN Hoagland, Allen, Indiana, T9-0264, p. 402B Amanda WHITNEY 1863 OH Madison, Sandusky, Ohio, T9-1064, p. 300A Amanda WHITNEY 1865 KY Tracy, Barren, Kentucky, T9-0402, p. 129C Amanda WHITNEY 1870 OH Jelloway, Knox, Ohio, T9-1038, p. 190C Amanda WHITNEY 1874 MI Pinconning, Bay, Michigan, T9-0572, p. 651C Amanda A. WHITNEY 1854 NH Newport, Sullivan, New Hampshire, T9-0768, p. 348A Amanda A. WHITNEY 1857 TX Precinct 3, Franklin, Texas, T9-1304, p. 426A Amanda C. WHITNEY 1839 NY Osage, Mitchell, Iowa, T9-0356, p. 499A Amanda C. WHITNEY 1850 NY Florida, Orange, New York, T9-0912, p. 350A Amanda E. WHITNEY 1825 CT New Canaan, Fairfield, Connecticut, T9-0096, p. 235C Amanda E. WHITNEY 1871 TN District 9, Maury, Tennessee, T9-1271, p. 270C Amanda F. WHITNEY 1840 ME Westford, Middlesex, Massachusetts, T9-0539, p. 6D Amanda J. WHITNEY 1851 MD Washington, Washington, D.C., Washington D.C., T9-0123, p. 119A Amanda J. WHITNEY 1856 VA 5th Ward, Zanesville, Muskingum, Ohio, T9-1055, p. 440A Amanda M. B. WHITNEY 1828 PA Bainbridge, Ross, Ohio, T9-1063, p. 325D Amanda M. WHITNEY 1825 VT Leopold, Shawano, Wisconsin, T9-1447, p. 368B Amanda M. WHITNEY 1855 MA Leominster, Worcester, Massachusetts, T9-0565, p. 508B Amanda V. WHITNEY 1818 NY Worthington, Nobles, Minnesota, T9-0627, p. 228B Amanda W. WHITNEY 1850 NY Masonville, Delaware, New York, T9-0823, p. 283D Amandy WHITNEY 1836 NY Crestline, Crawford, Ohio, T9-1003, p. 457A Amantta WHITNEY 1873 OH Denver, Worth, Missouri, T9-0741, p. 441C Amasa WHITNEY 1800 MA Watertown, Middlesex, Massachusetts, T9-0542, p. 55D Amasa WHITNEY 1813 MA New Bedford, Bristol, Massachusetts, T9-0525, p. 199B Amasa WHITNEY 1835 VT Potsdam, St. Lawrence, New York, T9-0927, p. 255D Amasa WHITNEY 1838 NY Barton, Tioga, New York, T9-0937, p. 51B Amasa WHITNEY 1842 ME Weld, Franklin, Maine, T9-0479, p. 552B Amasa WHITNEY 1859 OH Trenton, Delaware, Ohio, T9-1012, p. 466B Ambazilla WHITNEY 1872 IA Granada, Nemaha, Kansas, T9-0390, p. 111A Ambros WHITNEY 1831 KY District 1, Scottsville, Allen, Kentucky, T9-0401, p. 155A Ambrose Z. WHITNEY 1850 NY Paw Paw, Van Buren, Michigan, T9-0608, p. 532C Amela A. WHITNEY 1842 NY Keating, Potter, Pennsylvania, T9-1166, p. 524B Amelia WHITNEY 1831 NY Seneca Castle, Ontario, New York, T9-0909, p. 467D Amelia WHITNEY 1837 MI South Ward, Mercer, Mercer, Pennsylvania, T9-1155, p. 307C Amelia WHITNEY 1848 NY Harmony, Chautauqua, New York, T9-0816, p. 474D Amelia WHITNEY 1860 NY District 1 And 3, Liberty, Sullivan, New York, T9-0936, p. 190C Amelia WHITNEY 1874 NY Kendall, Orleans, New York, T9-0912, p. 159B Amelia E. WHITNEY 1830 NY Lysander, Onondaga, New York, T9-0905, p. 314D Amelia E. WHITNAH 1840 VA Putman, Fulton, Illinois, T9-0208, p. 361B America WHITNEY 1867 KY Frankfort, Franklin, Kentucky, T9-0414, p. 163D America WHITNEY 1868 KY Frankfort, Franklin, Kentucky, T9-0414, p. 151D America J. K. WHITNEY 1835 KY District 4, Allen, Kentucky, T9-0401, p. 222B Americus WHETNEY 1874 TX District 6, Comanche, Texas, T9-1297, p. 145D Amherst WHITNEY 1876 ME Richmond, Sagadahoc, Maine, T9-0488, p. 166C Ami WHITNEY 1794 PA Almond, Allegany, New York, T9-0809, p. 46A Ami WHITNEY 1839 NY Butler, Branch, Michigan, T9-0573, p. 507A Amie WHITNEY 1874 NJ Northfield, Richmond, New York, T9-0923, p. 267B Amise WHITNEY 1879 ME Kingman, Penobscot, Maine, T9-0486, p. 367A Ammi WHITNEY 1833 ME Portland, Cumberland, Maine, T9-0479, p. 310C Amory J. WHITNEY 1838 MA Warren, Worcester, Massachusetts, T9-0566, p. 321B Amos WHITNEY 1807 NH 4th Ward, Dixon, Lee, Illinois, T9-0225, p. 289C Amos WHITNEY 1815 MA Worcester, Worcester, Massachusetts, T9-0568, p. 428D Amos WHITNEY 1819 ME Dixmont, Penobscot, Maine, T9-0486, p. 355D Amos WHITNEY 1827 VT Reading, Windsor, Vermont, T9-1350, p. 210B Amos WHITNEY 1829 NH Candia, Rockingham, New Hampshire, T9-0767, p. 35D Amos WHITNEY 1831 CAN Jackson, Bremer, Iowa, T9-0328, p. 287C Amos WHITNEY 1833 ME Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut, T9-0097, p. 158B Amos WHITNEY 1843 CT Torrington, Litchfield, Connecticut, T9-0101, p. 230D Amos E. WHITNEY 1847 MA North Cambridge, Cambridge, Middlesex, Massachusetts, T9-0544, p. 306A Amos W. WHITNEY 1822 MA Medway, Norfolk, Massachusetts, T9-0548, p. 9A Amost WHITNEY 1820 MA North Cambridge, Cambridge, Middlesex, Massachusetts, T9-0544, p. 306A Amous J. WHITNEY 1879 ME Unity, Waldo, Maine, -- Amryah WHITNEY 1873 MI Saginaw, Saginaw, Michigan, T9-0602, p. 155A Amus WHITNEY 1831 VERMONT Halifax, Windham, Vermont, T9-1349, p. 392B Amy WHITNEY 1852 ENG Jamestown, Ottawa, Michigan, T9-0601, p. 563A Amy WHITNEY 1860 MS Beat 5, Lincoln, Mississippi, T9-0655, p. 130D Amy WHITNEY 1865 MICHIGAN Ithaca, Gratiot, Michigan, T9-0580, p. 494A Amy WHITNEY 1869 MS Beat 1, Jefferson, Mississippi, T9-0651, p. 158C Amy A. WHITNEY 1850 OH Fairfield, Huron, Ohio, T9-1035, p. 28B Amy C. WHITNEY 1857 VT Salisbury, Addison, Vermont, T9-1341, p. 214A Amy E. WHITNEY 1865 IL Mt. Vernon, Jefferson, Illinois, T9-0215, p. 516A Amy I. WHITNEY 1879 CT Enumeration Dist No. 32, Enfield, Hartford, Connecticut, T9-0099, p. 134A Amy L. WHITNEY 1869 ME Marshfield, Washington, Maine, T9-0490, p. 392A Amy L. WHITNEY 1872 MA Milford, Worcester, Massachusetts, T9-0565, p. 642A

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