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The following table lists individuals with the surname Whitney in the census for the time and location stated.

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K. P. WHITNEY 1868 OH Columbus, Franklin, Ohio, T9-1017, p. 465C K. W. WHITNEY 1877 TX Precinct 2, Red River, Texas, T9-1323, p. 205B Kate WHITNEY 1833 IRELAND Grass Valley, Humboldt, Nevada, T9-0758, p. 244C Kate WHITNEY 1840 IRE Covington, Kenton, Kentucky, T9-0426, p. 455B Kate WHITNEY 1840 MS E.D. 35 And 36, Precinct 1, Gregg, Texas, T9-1307, p. 411D Kate WHITNEY 1842 IRE Precinct 1, District 3, Jersey City, Hudson, New Jersey, T9-0783, p. 453C Kate WHITNEY 1849 OH Maquoketa, Jackson, Iowa, T9-0346, p. 515C Kate WHITNEY 1850 OH Toledo, Lucas, Ohio, T9-1043, p. 162D Kate WHITNEY 1850 WA Township 25, Seabeck, Kitsap, Washington, T9-1397, p. 309C Kate WHITNEY 1851 OH 23rd Ward, Cincinnati, Hamilton, Ohio, T9-1029, p. 204B Kate WHITNEY 1852 IRE Jersey City, Hudson, New Jersey, T9-0783, p. 522A Kate WHITNEY 1855 NY Chaumont, Jefferson, New York, T9-0839, p. 17D Kate WHITNEY 1855 OH San Francisco, San Francisco, California, T9-0078, p. 544C Kate WHITNEY 1856 MA Cambridge, Middlesex, Massachusetts, T9-0544, p. 200B Kate WHITNEY 1856 NY Henderson, Jefferson, New York, T9-0839, p. 301A Kate WHITNEY 1856 RI Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts, T9-0556, p. 330C Kate WHITNEY 1857 IN Girard, Crawford, Kansas, T9-0378, p. 55C Kate WHITNEY 1858 CA Vallejo, Solano, California, T9-0083, p. 364C Kate WHITNEY 1858 IL Rockford, Winnebago, Illinois, T9-0262, p. 274B Kate WHITNEY 1859 NY 16th Ward, District 10, New York, New York, New York, T9-0882, p. 502C Kate WHITNEY 1860 IRE Waterbury, New Haven, Connecticut, T9-0103, p. 62A Kate WHITNEY 1860 MD Baltimore, Baltimore, Maryland, T9-0501, p. 260D Kate WHITNEY 1860 MN Medford, Steele, Minnesota, T9-0635, p. 42C Kate WHITNEY 1860 NH Plattsburgh, Clinton, New York, T9-0820, p. 458B Kate WHITNEY 1862 NY 15th Ward, Albany, Albany, New York, T9-0806, p. 302A Kate WHITNEY 1864 MA Beverly, Essex, Massachusetts, T9-0527, p. 467C Kate WHITNEY 1864 MD 7th Ward, Precinct 2, Baltimore, Baltimore, Maryland, T9-0499, p. 358C Kate WHITNEY 1869 IL Corsicana, Navarro, Texas, T9-1321, p. 514B Kate WHITNEY 1869 OH Covington, Kenton, Kentucky, T9-0426, p. 455B Kate WHITNEY 1870 CA San Francisco, San Francisco, California, T9-0077, p. 124B Kate WHITNEY 1871 MA Lowell, Middlesex, Massachusetts, T9-0544, p. 199C Kate WHITNEY 1872 OH Sheffield, Ashtabula, Ohio, T9-0992, p. 609C Kate WHITNEY 1873 AL Laneville, Hale, Alabama, T9-0015, p. 482B Kate WHITNEY 1873 MI Detroit, Wayne, Michigan, T9-0612, p. 196D Kate WHITNEY 1876 MA East Cambridge, Cambridge, Middlesex, Massachusetts, T9-0543, p. 103D Kate WHITNEY 1876 OH Warrensville, Cuyahoga, Ohio, T9-1010, p. 372D Kate WHITNEY 1877 MA Otis, Berkshire, Massachusetts, T9-0520, p. 543C Kate WHITNEY 1878 MD 7th Ward, Precinct 2, Baltimore, Baltimore, Maryland, T9-0499, p. 358C Kate A. WHITNEY 1833 MA Wilsonville, Furnas, Nebraska, T9-0749, p. 707B Kate A. WHITNEY 1862 MA Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts, T9-0555, p. 15D Kate B. WHITNEY 1855 NY 4th Ward, District 1, Binghamton, Broome, New York, T9-0810, p. 151B Kate B. WHITNEY 1856 MO La Conner, Whatcom, Washington, T9-1398, p. 304D Kate B. WHITNEY 1864 NY Lisle, Broome, New York, T9-0811, p. 325C Kate C. WHITNEY 1867 ME Gorham, Cumberland, Maine, T9-0477, p. 300D Kate E. WHITNEY 1862 ME Harrison, Cumberland, Maine, T9-0478, p. 371C Kate F. WHITNEY 1860 NY Hughsonville, Dutchess, New York, T9-0826, p. 457A Kate H. WHITNEY 1860 NY Buffalo, Erie, New York, T9-0828, p. 92C Kate K. WITNEY 1847 PA Precinct 1, Camden, Camden, New Jersey, T9-0773, p. 105C Kate L. WHITNEY 1875 KY 23rd Ward, Cincinnati, Hamilton, Ohio, T9-1029, p. 192A Kate M. WHITNEY 1850 ME Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts, T9-0561, p. 592A Kate M. WHITNEY 1859 NY Topeka, Shawnee, Kansas, T9-0397, p. 162C Kate O. WHITNEY 1874 CA San Francisco, San Francisco, California, T9-0077, p. 337B Kate S. WHITNEY 1850 ME Denmark, Oxford, Maine, T9-0484, p. 99C Kate W. WHITNEY 1863 MI Battle Creek, Calhoun, Michigan, T9-0574, p. 84A Katey WHITNEY 1869 MISS 3rd Ward, Tensas, Louisiana, T9-0472, p. 89A Katey WHITNEY 1870 IL Glasgow, Scott, Illinois, T9-0250, p. 508C Katharine WHITNEY 1810 VT Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts, T9-0555, p. 346B Katharine WHITNEY 1840 IRE Fredonia, Chautauqua, New York, T9-0816, p. 522B Katherine WHITNEY 1827 NY Hudson, Lenawee, Michigan, T9-0591, p. 229D Katherine WHITNEY 1829 NY Magnolia, Rock, Wisconsin, T9-1444, p. 302A Katherine P. WHITNEY 1818 ME Portland, Cumberland, Maine, T9-0479, p. 274B Katherine W. WHITNEY 1853 NY French Gulch, Shasta, California, T9-0082, p. 22A Kathrine WHITNEY 1850 CAN Lowden, Cedar, Iowa, T9-0331, p. 86C Katie WHITNEY 1841 ME Addison, Washington, Maine, T9-0490, p. 416B Katie WHITTNEY 1852 IL College Of Notre Dame, San Jose, Santa Clara, California, T9-0081, p. 48C Katie WHITNEY 1853 VERMONT Bennington, Bennington, Vermont, T9-1341, p. 346A Katie WHITNEY 1854 OHIO Chicago, Cook, Illinois, T9-0199, p. 464A Katie WHITNEY 1855 NY District 2, Stillwater, Saratoga, New York, T9-0929, p. 543B Katie WHITNEY 1856 WI Escanaba, Delta, Michigan, T9-0577, p. 643B Katie WHITNEY 1858 DC E. D. 39 And 40, Washington, Washington, D.C., Washington D.C., T9-0122, p. 365C Katie WHITNEY 1858 WI Oshkosh, Winnebago, Wisconsin, T9-1453, p. 161B Katie WHITNEY 1862 MS Fayette, Jefferson, Mississippi, T9-0651, p. 209B Katie WHITNEY 1866 RI Providence, Providence, Rhode Island, T9-1213, p. 448B Katie WHITNEY 1867 MS Natchez, Adams, Mississippi, T9-0639, p. 18C Katie WHITNEY 1871 ME Unity, Waldo, Maine, T9-0489, p. 533C Katie WHITNEY 1872 NJ Jersey City, Hudson, New Jersey, T9-0783, p. 116A Katie WHITNEY 1872 OH Weathersfield, Trumbull, Ohio, T9-1071, p. 429A Katie WHITNEY 1873 IL Elgin, Kane, Illinois, T9-0218, p. 265A Katie WHITNEY 1874 OH Cincinnati, Hamilton, Ohio, T9-1027, p. 407D Katie WHITNEY 1875 ILL. Chicago, Cook, Illinois, T9-0199, p. 464A Katie D. WHITNEY 1868 ME Portland, Cumberland, Maine, T9-0479, p. 310C Katie Jane WHITNEY 1865 NY Utica, Oneida, New York, T9-0904, p. 244B Katie M. WHITNEY 1866 NY Frankfort, Herkimer, New York, T9-0837, p. 60C Katie M. WHITNEY 1869 NY Almond, Allegany, New York, T9-0809, p. 46A Katie M. WHITNEY 1874 MA Clinton, Worcester, Massachusetts, T9-0564, p. 301D Katie R. WHITNEY 1868 IL Osage, Mitchell, Iowa, T9-0356, p. 499A Katy WHITNEY 1853 NJ Paterson, Passaic, New Jersey, T9-0795, p. 18C Katy WHITNEY 1864 IL Centropolis, Franklin, Kansas, T9-0381, p. 17A Katy WEDNEY 1864 IL Lisbon, Kendall, Illinois, p. 349A Kennie N. WHITNEY 1874 VT Stamford, Bennington, Vermont, T9-1341, p. 519C Kesiah WHITNEY 1835 OH Harlan, Page, Iowa, T9-0359, p. 468A Kesiah WHITNEY 1874 KY Cave City, Barren, Kentucky, T9-0402, p. 67C Kimball WHITNEY 1811 N.H. Plymouth, Grafton, New Hampshire, T9-0765, p. 374B King WHITNEY 1839 KY District 4, Allen, Kentucky, T9-0401, p. 216B Kissey WHITNEY 1876 KY Atchison Ward 2, Atchison, Kansas, -- Kittey WHITNEY 1793 NC 5th Ward, New Berne, Craven, North Carolina, T9-0959, p. 295B Kittie WHITNEY 1867 WI Fremont, Waupaca, Wisconsin, T9-1451, p. 56B Kittie WHITNEY 1869 NY 4th Ward, Council Bluffs, Pottawattamie, Iowa, T9-0361, p. 350A Kittie WHITNEY 1875 MI Cedar Springs, Kent, Michigan, T9-0587, p. 436A Kittie WHITNEY 1876 NY Parish, Oswego, New York, T9-0915, p. 27D Kittie B. WHITNEY 1871 NY Elmira, Chemung, New York, T9-0817, p. 237C Kittie E. WHITNEY 1879 KY Paradise, Muhlenberg, Kentucky, T9-0435, p. 176B Kittie J. WHITNEY 1869 MA North Cambridge, Cambridge, Middlesex, Massachusetts, T9-0544, p. 291C Kitty WHITNEY 1873 KY Rocky Hill, Barren, Kentucky, T9-0402, p. 86C Kitty A. WHITNEY 1869 VT Rockingham, Windham, Vermont, T9-1349, p. 463C Kong WHITNEY 1856 CHINA San Francisco, San Francisco, California, T9-0078, p. 544C

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