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The following table lists individuals with the surname Whitney in the census for the time and location stated.

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Mary P. WHITNEY 1826 VT Newbury, Orange, Vermont, T9-1345, p. 116B Mary P. WHITNEY 1830 NH Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts, T9-0554, p. 170B Mary P. WHITNEY 1865 ME Guilford, Piscataquis, Maine, T9-0487, p. 103B Mary P. WHITNEY 1874 IL Larned, Pawnee, Kansas, T9-0392, p. 11A Mary P. WHITNEY 1879 KY Tracy, Barren, Kentucky, T9-0402, p. 128A Mary R. WHITNEY 1843 MA Upton, Worcester, Massachusetts, T9-0564, p. 78D Mary R. WHITNEY 1861 MASS Sterling, Worcester, Massachusetts, T9-0563, p. 553B Mary R. WHITNEY 1877 VA Berlin And Ivor, Southampton, Virginia, T9-1390, p. 143B Mary S. WHITNEY 1801 ME Falmouth, Cumberland, Maine, T9-0477, p. 254B Mary S. WHITNEY 1801 VT Erie, Erie, Pennsylvania, T9-1129, p. 348A Mary S. WHITNEY 1808 MASS Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts, T9-0559, p. 396B Mary S. WHITNEY 1823 MA Clinton, Worcester, Massachusetts, T9-0564, p. 301C Mary S. WHITNEY 1823 ME Dixmont, Penobscot, Maine, T9-0486, p. 355D Mary S. WHITNEY 1829 MA Lamoille, Bureau, Illinois, T9-0177, p. 152B Mary S. WHITNEY 1832 NY New York, New York, New York, T9-0880, p. 116A Mary S. WHITNEY 1835 NY Radnor, Delaware, Pennsylvania, T9-1125, p. 6D Mary S. WHITNEY 1846 NY Brooklyn, Kings, New York, T9-0853, p. 173B Mary S. WHITNEY 1855 IN Girard, Crawford, Kansas, T9-0378, p. 55C Mary S. WHITNEY 1859 IRE Eudora, Douglas, Kansas, T9-0380, p. 26A Mary S. WHITNEY 1860 MASS Royalston, Worcester, Massachusetts, T9-0563, p. 492A Mary S. WHITNEY 1867 NY York, Livingston, New York, T9-0859, p. 439D Mary S. WHITNEY 1870 MA Cambridge, Middlesex, Massachusetts, T9-0544, p. 227D Mary S. WHITNEY 1870 NJ Hanover, Morris, New Jersey, T9-0792, p. 125B Mary S. WHITNEY 1876 NY New York, New York, New York, T9-0895, p. 340C Mary S. WHITNEY 1877 MI Deerfield, Lenawee, Michigan, T9-0590, p. 158C Mary Stone WHITNEY 1837 VT Middlesex, Washington, Vermont, T9-1348, p. 127C Mary T. WHITNEY 1841 NY Tioga, Tioga, New York, T9-0937, p. 289B Mary T. WHITNEY 1852 NY Ludlow, Windsor, Vermont, T9-1350, p. 154D Mary V. WHITNEY 1845 PA San Francisco, San Francisco, California, T9-0076, p. 177D Mary V. WHETNEY 1869 CA Brownsville, Saline Co., MO Mary V. WHITNEY 1871 IN Union, Montgomery, Indiana, T9-0300, p. 316A Mary W. WHITNEY 1868 --- Torrington, Litchfield, Connecticut, T9-0101, p. 248D Mary W. WHITNEY 1835 MA Ward 2, Fitchburg, Worcester, Massachusetts, T9-0567, p. 524B Mary W. WHITNEY 1839 MA Lawrence, Essex, Massachusetts, T9-0530, p. 295A Mary W. WHITNEY 1840 OHIO Oberlin, Lorain, Ohio, T9-1042, p. 601C Mary W. WHITNEY 1862 MD District 2, Anne Arundel, Maryland, T9-0494, p. 55B Maryan WHITNEY 1879 KY District 3, Allen, Kentucky, T9-0401, p. 203A Maryett WHITNEY 1808 ENGL Royalton, Waupaca, Wisconsin, T9-1452, p. 171C Maryett WHITNEY 1829 NY Vernona, Oneida, New York, T9-0903, p. 339C Maryetta WHITNEY 1844 WI E. D. 169-170, Koshkonong, Jefferson, Wisconsin, T9-1430, p. 145C Mat WHITNEY 1853 IL 3rd Ward, East St. Louis, St. Clair, Illinois, T9-0246, p. 85C Mate WHITNEY 1858 PA Nicholson, Wyoming, Pennsylvania, T9-1205, p. 110A Mathew WHITNEY 1868 MS District 2, Vernon, Madison, Mississippi, T9-0656, p. 109B Mathilda WHITNEY 1839 NY Sioux Valley, Union, Dakota Territory, T9-0115, p. 415D Mathilde WHITNEY 1813 NY Saginaw, Saginaw, Michigan, T9-0602, p. 55C Matie WHITNEY 1871 CO Carpinteria, Santa Barbara, California, T9-0081, p. 479D Matie E. WHITNEY 1876 NY Union, Saunders, Nebraska, T9-0755, p. 336A Matilda WHITNEY 1798 CT Venice, Cayuga, New York, T9-0814, p. 403D Matilda WHITNEY 1814 NY Clay, Shelby, Iowa, T9-0364, p. 91A Matilda WHITNEY 1816 NY E. D. 221, Wilber, Saline, Nebraska, T9-0755, p. 105A Matilda WHITNEY 1825 NY Sodus, Wayne, New York, T9-0944, p. 448C Matilda WHITNEY 1825 OH Loudonville, Ashland, Ohio, T9-0991, p. 52A Matilda WIDNEY 1827 IN Jackson, De Kalb Co., IN Matilda WHITNEY 1827 OH Indianola, Warren, Iowa, T9-0368, p. 386D Matilda WHITNEY 1830 ME Dexter, Penobscot, Maine, T9-0485, p. 519D Matilda WHITNEY 1830 NY Ontario, Wayne, New York, T9-0944, p. 303C Matilda WHITNEY 1831 NY Carlton, Orleans, New York, T9-0912, p. 94B Matilda WHITNEY 1837 IRE Hopkinton, Middlesex, Massachusetts, T9-0540, p. 247D Matilda WHITNEY 1841 NY Du Bois, Clearfield, Pennsylvania, T9-1116, p. 48A Matilda WHITNEY 1844 PENN Avon, Lorain, Ohio, T9-1042, p. 372C Matilda WHITNEY 1845 VT Peru, Bennington, Vermont, T9-1341, p. 431B Matilda WHITNEY 1849 ME Upton, Oxford, Maine, T9-0484, p. 152C Matilda WHITNEY 1854 LA Precinct 2, Jackson, Texas, T9-1313, p. 84D Matilda WHITNEY 1855 NY District 2, Catskill, Greene, New York, T9-0836, p. 99A Matilda WHITNEY 1857 VA Washington, Washington, D.C., Washington D.C., T9-0121, p. 230D Matilda WHITNEY 1858 KY Roseville, Barren, Kentucky, T9-0402, p. 214A Matilda WHITNEY 1859 ME Hudson, Penobscot, Maine, T9-0485, p. 448C Matilda WHITNEY 1860 WI Sumner, Osborne, Kansas, T9-0392, p. 305B Matilda WHITNEY 1868 OH Milton, Wood, Ohio, T9-1078, p. 141D Matilda WHITNY 1869 LA 5th Ward, St. Landry, Louisiana, T9-0470, p. 361C Matilda A. WHITNEY 1832 ME Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts, T9-0555, p. 168A Matilda A. WHITNEY 1847 IL Elgin, Kane, Illinois, T9-0218, p. 265A Matilda C. WHITNEY 1857 IN Pleasantville, Pike, Indiana, T9-0304, p. 269B Matilda C. WHITNEY 1878 KY Burris Fork, Moniteau, Missouri, T9-0704, p. 438D Matilda D. WHITNEY 1859 NY Maynard, Middlesex, Massachusetts, T9-0539, p. 361C Matilda E. WHITNEY 1831 NY Sullivan, Madison, New York, T9-0860, p. 427C Matilda H. WHITNEY 1811 VT Springfield, Windsor, Vermont, T9-1350, p. 286C Matissie WHITNEY 1819 NY 1st Ward, Oswego, Oswego, New York, T9-0913, p. 335A Mattee WHITNEY 1858 VT Marlboro, Windham, Vermont, T9-1349, p. 428B Matthew WHITNEY 1850 ME Ward 5, Bangor, Penobscot, Maine, T9-0486, p. 218B Matthias S. WHITNEY 1831 MA Rochester, Monroe, New York, T9-0862, p. 115B Mattie WHITNEY 1842 LA New York, New York, New York, T9-0895, p. 529A Mattie WHITNEY 1849 OH Center, Columbiana, Ohio, T9-1001, p. 303A Mattie WHITNEY 1860 VA Chuckatuck, Nansemond, Virginia, T9-1379, p. 3B Mattie WHITNEY 1863 NY Saugerties, Ulster, New York, T9-0940, p. 189A Mattie WHITNEY 1864 OH Shelby, Richland, Ohio, T9-1061, p. 213B Mattie WHITNEY 1865 ME Houlton, Aroostook, Maine, T9-0477, p. 427B Mattie WHITNEY 1867 MI Albion, Calhoun, Michigan, T9-0574, p. 12C Mattie WHITNEY 1867 MS New York, New York, New York, T9-0895, p. 529A Mattie WHITNEY 1870 MS Fayette, Jefferson, Mississippi, T9-0651, p. 216D Mattie WHITNEY 1872 KY Smiths Grove, Warren, Kentucky, T9-0445, p. 270D Mattie WHITNY 1872 TX E.D. 3, Bowie, Texas, T9-1292, p. 54A Mattie WHITNEY 1878 KY Smiths Grove, Warren, Kentucky, T9-0445, p. 267A Mattie WHITNEY 1878 MN Melrose, Stearns, Minnesota, T9-0634, p. 551A Mattie A. WHITNEY 1855 NH Bethlehem, Grafton, New Hampshire, T9-0764, p. 50B Mattie A. WHITNEY 1866 MASS. Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts, T9-0559, p. 81B Mattie E. WITNEY 1865 ME Island Falls, Aroostook, Maine, T9-0476, p. 337D Mattie E. WHITNEY 1871 IN Pleasant Hill, Cass, Missouri, T9-0679, p. 151B Mattie E. WHITNEY 1877 NY Shelby, Orleans, New York, T9-0912, p. 278D Mattie L. WHITNEY 1870 MA North Adams, Berkshire, Massachusetts, T9-0521, p. 318D Mattie L. WHITNEY 1873 AL Madison, Alabama, T9-0021, p. 96D Mattie M. WHITNEY 1858 KY District 1, Allen, Kentucky, T9-0401, p. 163B Mattie S. WHITNY 1870 OH Montville, Geauga, Ohio, T9-1019, p. 94A Mattison B. WHITNEY 1858 NY Penfield, Monroe, New York, T9-0861, p. 338A Maud WHITNEY 1866 MA Medway, Norfolk, Massachusetts, T9-0548, p. 12C Maud WHITNEY 1871 MI Scio, Washtenaw, Michigan, T9-0609, p. 286A Maud WHITNEY 1872 OHIO Pittsfield, Lorain, Ohio, T9-1042, p. 553A Maud WHITNEY 1872 PA Ashtabula, Ashtabula, Ohio, T9-0991, p. 312D Maud WHITNEY 1873 NY Manhattan, Riley, Kansas, T9-0395, p. 295A Maud WHITNEY 1874 WI Oconto, Oconto, Wisconsin, T9-1440, p. 340C Maud WHITNEY 1875 CA San Buena Ventura, Ventura, California, T9-0086, p. 216A Maud WHITNEY 1875 MI Hastings, Barry, Michigan, T9-0570, p. 108D Maud WHITNEY 1875 VT Monkton, Addison, Vermont, T9-1341, p. 156A Maud WHITNEY 1876 CT Derby, New Haven, Connecticut, T9-0104, p. 143A Maud WHITNEY 1876 MI Ovid, Clinton, Michigan, T9-0577, p. 476A Maud WHITNEY 1876 OH Berkshire, Delaware, Ohio, T9-1012, p. 415A Maud WHITNEY 1877 NY District 1 And 3, Sidney, Delaware, New York, T9-0823, p. 363A Maud WHITNEY 1877 NY Eagle, Wyoming, New York, T9-0948, p. 122D Maud WHITNEY 1878 IA State Center, Marshall, Iowa, T9-0355, p. 213B Maud WHITNEY 1878 ME Appleton, Knox, Maine, T9-0482, p. 6D Maud WHITNEY 1878 OH Portsmouth, Scioto, Ohio, T9-1064, p. 217C Maud WHITNEY 1879 NY District 168, Raymond, Racine, Wisconsin, T9-1443, p. 506D Maud WITNEY 1879 PA 1st Ward, Carlisle, Cumberland, Pennsylvania, T9-1122, p. 204B Maud WHITNEY 1880 CA San Francisco, San Francisco, California, -- Maud A. WHITNEY 1870 CT District 4, Bedford, Westchester, New York, T9-0945, p. 40C Maud A. WHITNEY 1875 MA Hudson, Middlesex, Massachusetts, T9-0540, p. 313B Maud A. WHITNEY 1878 MI Tompkins, Jackson, Michigan, T9-0585, p. 258A Maud B. WHITNEY 1875 OHIO Camden, Lorain, Ohio, T9-1042, p. 388B Maud C. WHITNEY 1874 MO Kansas City, Jackson, Missouri, T9-0692, p. 96B Maud C. WHITNEY 1874 NY Syracuse, Onondaga, New York, T9-0907, p. 322A Maud E. WHITNEY 1867 VT Montpelier, Washington, Vermont, T9-1348, p. 146A Maud E. WHITNEY 1870 IA West Union, Fayette, Iowa, T9-0340, p. 235A Maud E. WHITNEY 1872 CT Norwalk, Fairfield, Connecticut, T9-0096, p. 207A Maud E. WHITNEY 1872 IA Sabula, Jackson, Iowa, T9-0345, p. 466A Maud E. WHITNEY 1872 IL Groveland, Tazewell, Illinois, T9-0253, p. 513A Maud E. WHITNEY 1873 MA Millbury, Worcester, Massachusetts, T9-0565, p. 53D Maud E. WHITNEY 1874 MA Ward 2, Fitchburg, Worcester, Massachusetts, T9-0567, p. 547D Maud E. WHITNEY 1877 ME Sebago, Cumberland, Maine, T9-0478, p. 479D Maud E. WHITNEY 1877 OHIO Camden, Lorain, Ohio, T9-1042, p. 390B Maud G. WHITNEY 1878 MA Montague, Franklin, Massachusetts, T9-0533, p. 381D Maud H. WHITNEY 1871 WI Knowlton, Marathon, Wisconsin, T9-1433, p. 282B Maud H. WHITNEY 1877 MI Ensley, Newaygo, Michigan, T9-0598, p. 445B Maud L. WHITNEY 1863 NY Waukegan, Lake, Illinois, T9-0221, p. 566C Maud L. WHITNEY 1867 ME Newburg, Penobscot, Maine, T9-0486, p. 344B Maud M. WHITNEY 1860 CA Philadelphia, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, T9-1187, p. 364C Maud M. WHITNEY 1875 MA Worcester, Worcester, Massachusetts, T9-0568, p. 608C Maud M. WHITNEY 1877 NY Frankfort, Herkimer, New York, T9-0837, p. 60C Maud M. WHITNEY 1878 MN Maine Prairie, Stearns, Minnesota, T9-0634, p. 340B Maud R. WHITNEY 1858 NY Penfield, Monroe, New York, T9-0861, p. 356B Maud S. WHITNEY 1875 OH Pike, Clarke, Ohio, T9-0999, p. 169D Maude WHITNEY 1868 NY Frewsburg, Chautauqua, New York, T9-0815, p. 49C Maude WHITNEY 1868 WI Kilbourn, Columbia, Wisconsin, T9-1420, p. 195D Maude WHITNEY 1869 OH Westbury, Buchanan, Iowa, T9-0329, p. 607C Maude WHITNEY 1871 NJ 3rd Ward, Paterson, Passaic, New Jersey, T9-0795, p. 86C Maude WHITNEY 1874 IA 4th Ward, Marshalltown, Marshall, Iowa, T9-0355, p. 177C Maude WHITNEY 1874 IA Cedar, Cherokee, Iowa, T9-0332, p. 6C Maude WHITNEY 1875 MI Allen, Hillsdale, Michigan, T9-0580, p. 22A Maude WHITNEY 1876 CA Prescott, Yavapai, Arizona, T9-0037, p. 447C Maude WHITNEY 1876 MI Plainfield, Kent, Michigan, T9-0587, p. 585B Maude WHITNEY 1877 IN New Trenton, Franklin, Indiana, T9-0278, p. 442B Maude WHITNEY 1878 CAN Franklin, Franklin, Vermont, T9-1344, p. 118C Maude WHITNEY 1879 MI Lansing, Ingham, Michigan, T9-0583, p. 377D Maude E. WHITNEY 1876 ME Jonesboro, Washington, Maine, T9-0490, p. 363C Maude S. WHITNEY 1877 KS Lincoln, Washington, Kansas, T9-0399, p. 573B Maurice WHITNEY 1840 VT Warren, Washington, Vermont, T9-1348, p. 249A Maurice WHITNEY 1854 NY Hume, Allegany, New York, T9-0809, p. 301C Max WHITNEY 1860 CAN Bay City Ward 2, Bay, Michigan, -- Max WHITNEY 1870 WI Centralia, Wood, Wisconsin, T9-1453, p. 488D Max WHITNEY 1879 NE Gilead, Thayer, Nebraska, T9-0756, p. 128A May WHITNEY 1831 PA Wysox, Bradford, Pennsylvania, T9-1105, p. 625C May WHITNEY 1843 OH Marshall, Lyon, Minnesota, T9-0625, p. 451C May WHITNEY 1846 MI Burlington, Coffey, Kansas, T9-0377, p. 351C May WHITNEY 1846 NY Chicago, Cook, Illinois, T9-0184, p. 55A May WHITNEY 1853 PA Erie, Erie, Pennsylvania, T9-1127, p. 130D May WHITNEY 1856 MI 1st Ward, Jackson, Jackson, Michigan, T9-0585, p. 366A May WHITNEY 1857 IL Rock Falls, Whiteside, Illinois, T9-0258, p. 68A May WHITNEY 1857 OH Wakeman, Huron, Ohio, T9-1035, p. 270A May WHITNEY 1863 OH Grinnell, Poweshiek, Iowa, T9-0362, p. 511C May WHITNEY 1866 IL China, Lee, Illinois, T9-0225, p. 246C May WHITNEY 1867 WI E. 1/2 Of 8th Ward, Milwaukee, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, T9-1437, p. 513C May WHITNEY 1868 IL Centropolis, Franklin, Kansas, T9-0381, p. 17A May WHITNEY 1869 CA Empire, Stanislaus, California, T9-0084, p. 293A May WHITNEY 1869 IL Downers Grove, Du Page, Illinois, T9-0204, p. 390D May WHITNEY 1869 KS Jewell, Jewell, Kansas, T9-0384, p. 470C May WHITNEY 1870 IA Cedar, Cherokee, Iowa, T9-0332, p. 6C May WHITNEY 1871 IL Chicago, Cook, Illinois, T9-0192, p. 395C May WHITNEY 1872 KY Pleasureville, Henry, Kentucky, T9-0420, p. 148D May WHITNEY 1872 PA Pittsfield, Warren, Pennsylvania, T9-1200, p. 194A May WEDNEY 1873 IL Lisbon, Kendall, Illinois, p. 349A May WHITNEY 1873 NY Marion, Ogle, Illinois, T9-0239, p. 218D May WHITNEY 1874 IA Des Moines, Mahaska, Iowa, T9-0354, p. 446D May WHITNEY 1874 MI Rives, Jackson, Michigan, T9-0585, p. 183C May WHITNEY 1875 MI Allen, Hillsdale, Michigan, T9-0580, p. 22A May WHITNEY 1876 CO Douglas, Polk, Iowa, T9-0360, p. 523B May WHITNEY 1876 MI Algoma, Kent, Michigan, T9-0587, p. 505B May WHITNEY 1876 NJ District 3 And 4, Landis, Cumberland, New Jersey, T9-0776, p. 352D May WHITNEY 1878 IA Lincoln, Logan, Illinois, T9-0227, p. 217B May WHITNEY 1878 NY Sodus, Wayne, New York, T9-0944, p. 448C May WHITNEY 1879 MD Baltimore, Baltimore, Maryland, T9-0500, p. 209A May B. WHITNEY 1877 IL Chicago, Cook, Illinois, T9-0184, p. 55A May B. WHITNEY 1879 NY Burns, Allegany, New York, T9-0809, p. 150B May D. WHITNEY 1859 CT Adams, Berkshire, Massachusetts, T9-0521, p. 125C May E. WHITNEY 1840 OH Joliet, Will, Illinois, T9-0260, p. 198D May E. WHITNEY 1848 ME Belmont, Portage, Wisconsin, T9-1442, p. 50A May F. WHITNEY 1829 ME Augusta, Kennebec, Maine, T9-0481, p. 100B May F. WIDNEY 1845 PA Washington, Washington Co., DC May F. WHITNY 1862 OH Union, Knox, Ohio, T9-1038, p. 220C May G. WHITNEY 1808 MA Stow, Middlesex, Massachusetts, T9-0539, p. 462C May L. WHITNEY 1867 KY District 6, Overton, Tennessee, T9-1274, p. 302D May L. WHITNEY 1879 CT Woodbury, Litchfield, Connecticut, T9-0101, p. 508A May M. WHITNEY 1874 IL Big Grove, Kendall, Illinois, T9-0219, p. 283A May M. WHITNEY 1876 VT Sheffield, Caledonia, Vermont, T9-1342, p. 146A May R. WHITNEY 1842 MA Newark, Essex, New Jersey, T9-0777, p. 163A May S. WHITNEY 1853 ME Jonesboro, Washington, Maine, T9-0490, p. 361D Maynard F. WHITNEY 1870 IA Alden, Hardin, Iowa, T9-0343, p. 375B Mc Leod S. WHITNEY 1879 MO Black Creek, Shelby, Missouri, T9-0737, p. 453D Mchenry WHITNEY 1848 KY Paradise, Muhlenberg, Kentucky, T9-0435, p. 176B Mckendric WHITNEY 1838 VT Bennington, Bennington, Vermont, T9-1341, p. 344A Mead WHITNEY 1875 KS Liberty, Marion, Kansas, T9-0388, p. 18D Meccie WHITNEY 1859 KY Dog Fennel, Fayette, Kentucky, T9-0412, p. 149D Meda WHITNEY 1832 NY Cincinnati, Hamilton, Ohio, T9-1027, p. 428C Medora WHITNEY 1833 MA Milford, Worcester, Massachusetts, T9-0565, p. 548C Mehitabel WHITNEY 1798 MA Ward 2, Fitchburg, Worcester, Massachusetts, T9-0567, p. 547D Mehitable WHITNEY 1806 VT Orange, Franklin, Massachusetts, T9-0533, p. 209A Mehitable WHITNEY 1823 ME Marshall, Lyon, Minnesota, T9-0625, p. 451C Meike WHITNEY 1879 ILL Chicago, Cook, Illinois, T9-0188, p. 304A Melancthon WHITNEY 1845 MI Flint, Genesee, Michigan, T9-0579, p. 151C Melbourne WHITNEY 1847 MA E.D. 14, Providence, Providence, Rhode Island, T9-1211, p. 239C Melia WHITNEY 1853 GA District 9, Maury, Tennessee, T9-1271, p. 278C Melinda WHITNEY 1820 ME Greenwood, Oxford, Maine, T9-0484, p. 158C Melinda WHITNEY 1825 NY Maple Grove, Barry, Michigan, T9-0570, p. 162B Melinda WHITNEY 1827 ME Wales, St. Clair, Michigan, T9-0605, p. 497C Melinda WHITNEY 1834 NH Thornton, Grafton, New Hampshire, T9-0765, p. 409D Melinda WHITNEY 1836 NY Milton, Chittenden, Vermont, T9-1343, p. 280C Melinda WHITNEY 1871 AR Collins, Drew, Arkansas, T9-0043, p. 518B Melintha WHITNEY 1842 VT Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts, T9-0558, p. 28D Melissa WHITNEY 1796 CT Lockport, Niagara, New York, T9-0900, p. 99B Melissa WHITNEY 1825 KY Union, Madison, Iowa, T9-0353, p. 67B Melissa WHITNEY 1832 NY Peninsula, Summit, Ohio, T9-1068, p. 156B Melissa WHITNEY 1836 NY Milton, Chittenden, Vermont, T9-1343, p. 278C Melissa WHITNEY 1846 OH Lawrence, Washington, Ohio, T9-1075, p. 175B Melissa WHITNEY 1849 IL Liberty, Richardson, Nebraska, T9-0754, p. 481A Melissa WHITNEY 1878 IA Mason City, Cerro Gordo, Iowa, T9-0331, p. 271A Melissa A. WHITNEY 1840 NY Republican, Harlan, Nebraska, T9-0750, p. 386A Melissa D. WHITNEY 1852 PA Hopkins, Allegan, Michigan, T9-0569, p. 214A Melissa J. WHITNEY 1851 MA Worcester, Worcester, Massachusetts, T9-0568, p. 349D Melissa L. WHITNEY 1818 VT Palmyra, Jefferson, Wisconsin, T9-1430, p. 221A Mellie WHITNEY 1852 IL Beaver, Grundy, Iowa, T9-0341, p. 363B Mellin A. WHITNEY 1863 ME Solon, Somerset, Maine, T9-0488, p. 505D Mellisa K. WHITNEY 1817 NY Cedar, Saunders, Nebraska, T9-0756, p. 357D Mellville WHITNEY 1824 ENG Grand Rapids, Kent, Michigan, T9-0588, p. 436C Melrose WHITNEY 1874 KY Hiseville, Barren, Kentucky, T9-0402, p. 149B Melton WHITNEY 1850 CANA Portage, Houghton, Michigan, T9-0581, p. 463C Melville WHITNEY 1848 PA Youngsville, Warren, Pennsylvania, T9-1200, p. 47D Melville WHITNEY 1867 OH Grand Rapids, Kent, Michigan, T9-0588, p. 440D Melville H. WHITNEY 1858 WI Alma, Jackson, Wisconsin, T9-1429, p. 270B Melville M. WHITNEY 1859 MA Spencer, Worcester, Massachusetts, T9-0566, p. 251A Melvin WHITNEY 1828 NY Burns, Allegany, New York, T9-0809, p. 165C Melvin WHITNEY 1851 IL Campton, Kane, Illinois, T9-0218, p. 223C Melvin WHITNEY 1861 WI Alma, Jackson, Wisconsin, T9-1429, p. 270B Melvin WHITNEY 1868 MI Windsor, Eaton, Michigan, T9-0578, p. 140B Melvin WHITNEY 1872 CT Danbury, Fairfield, Connecticut, T9-0094, p. 78C Melvin WHITNEY 1876 ME Weston, Aroostook, Maine, T9-0477, p. 418A Melvin B. WHITNEY 1835 MAINE West Gardiner, Kennebec, Maine, T9-0482, p. 507B Melvin B. WHITNEY 1872 NH New Ipswich, Hillsborough, New Hampshire, T9-0764, p. 570C Melvin H. WHITNEY 1857 OH Wakeman, Huron, Ohio, T9-1035, p. 270A Melvin J. WHITNEY 1869 VT Bernardston, Franklin, Massachusetts, T9-0533, p. 20C Melvin R. WHITNEY 1838 VT 4th Ward, Fort Dodge, Webster, Iowa, T9-0370, p. 573A Melvina WHITNEY 1842 NY Holland, Erie, New York, T9-0827, p. 17A Melvina WHITNEY 1845 MO Atchison City, Atchison, Kansas, T9-0372, p. 333C Mentle WHITNEY 1864 --- Ulysses, Potter, Pennsylvania, T9-1166, p. 564A Mercia WHITNEY 1844 IL Washington, Buchanan, Iowa, T9-0329, p. 508A Mercy WHITNEY 1791 MA Ward 3, Fitchburg, Worcester, Massachusetts, T9-0567, p. 556A Mercy WHTNEY 1815 MA Leominster, Worcester, Massachusetts, T9-0565, p. 6/481B Mercy WHITNEY 1858 MI Montgomery, Hillsdale, Michigan, T9-0580, p. 87C Mercy J. WHITNY 1840 ME Lakeville, Penobscot, Maine, T9-0486, p. 385D Mereil F. WHITNEY 1866 WI Pensaukee, Oconto, Wisconsin, T9-1440, p. 297D Merett J. WHITNEY 1813 VA Chuckatuck, Nansemond, Virginia, T9-1379, p. 3B Merhitable WHITNEY 1838 ME Ward 7, Bath, Sagadahoc, Maine, T9-0488, p. 72A Meriam WHITNEY 1809 TN Kaolin, Iron, Missouri, T9-0691, p. 489D Merida WHITNEY 1843 KY Tracy, Barren, Kentucky, T9-0402, p. 131D Merrel WHITNEY 1816 ME Gorham, Cumberland, Maine, T9-0477, p. 300D Merrell WHITNEY 1857 VT North Adams, Berkshire, Massachusetts, T9-0521, p. 321A Merrick WHITNEY 1832 MA Palmer, Hampden, Massachusetts, T9-0534, p. 377A Merrie T. WHITNEY 1819 PA Thomson, Susquehanna, Pennsylvania, T9-1197, p. 423B Merrill WHITNEY 1820 ME Saco, York, Maine, T9-0491, p. 519B Merrill WHITNEY 1867 IL Campton, Kane, Illinois, T9-0218, p. 223D Merrit WHITNEY 1872 IL Campton, Kane, Illinois, T9-0218, p. 223D Merritt WHITNEY 1852 VA Berlin And Ivor, Southampton, Virginia, T9-1390, p. 143B Merritt WHITNEY 1879 IA Rapids, Linn, Iowa, T9-0351, p. 355D Mertell WHITNEY 1866 IL Campton, Kane, Illinois, T9-0218, p. 223D Mertie WHITNEY 1863 PA Gibson, Susquehanna, Pennsylvania, T9-1196, p. 176B Mertie E. WHITNEY 1873 VT Brattleboro, Windham, Vermont, T9-1349, p. 306C Mertle WHITNEY 1870 OHIO Henrietta, Lorain, Ohio, T9-1042, p. 509B Merton WHITNEY 1868 NY 4th Ward, Council Bluffs, Pottawattamie, Iowa, T9-0361, p. 350A Merton WHITNEY 1878 NY Oneonta, Otsego, New York, T9-0916, p. 302C Merton H. WHITNEY 1874 OH Chatham, Medina, Ohio, T9-1047, p. 229B Mervin WIDNEY 1867 IN Concord, De Kalb Co., IN Mervin L. WHITNEY 1878 VERMONT Halifax, Windham, Vermont, T9-1349, p. 388B Merwin R. WHITNEY 1847 NY Saugerties, Ulster, New York, T9-0940, p. 246D Meta M. WHITNEY 1869 IL Greeley, Weld, Colorado, T9-0093, p. 460A Meta May WHITNEY 1875 NY E.D. 205-207, Candor, Tioga, New York, T9-0937, p. 93A Metilda L. WHITNEY 1850 NY Humboldt, Richardson, Nebraska, T9-0754, p. 511B Metta WHITNEY 1860 NY Woodbridge, Hillsdale, Michigan, T9-0581, p. 329C

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